what are the stars ready for for the sake of a career?


V what age did Bella Hadid get her first rhinoplasty, and what state did Kylie Jenner bring to her new appearance? For the sake of new roles, contracts and business projects, the stars are ready for harmless Botox injections and serious plastic surgery.


Cher is 72 years old, and for half of these years she has been answering journalists’ questions about plastic surgery. The singer has never denied that she uses the help of specialists to stay in shape. And he reacts calmly to criticism: “I have a job that assumes that I will always look a certain way.”

Appearance really works for Cher, she continues to give concerts, and in 2018 with her participation the second part of the film “Mamma Mia!” – no one was surprised at the complete absence of wrinkles on Cher’s face. According to doctors, the most harmless manipulations that a star does: botox, filler injections, plasma therapy.

Bella Hadid

Interestingly, when asked about beauty icons, Bella unconditionally answers: “Cher”. One thing the stars have in common is the desire to change for the sake of a career! Six years ago, Bella looked different, but decided on rhinoplasty (even twice) and (possibly) to remove Bish’s lumps – read the full dossier on link… The results of such a transformation did not have to wait long: in 2014, the model entered into contact with the IMG Models agency.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is 21 and she’s totally different from that young girl who appeared in public in 2009. It all started with a harmless lip augmentation in 2010, and ended with rhinoplasty, placement of implants in the buttocks and mammoplasty. Now it is clear: the investment was justified! Kylie is the best advertisement for her cosmetics brand Cailyn. In 2018, Forbes magazine dedicated the cover to the girl, calling her the youngest Self-Made Women with a billion dollar fortune.

Demmy Moor

Demi has been acting in films since 1981, in her filmography there are more than 50 films. But Moore also took breaks in her career and always returned spectacularly. After her divorce from Bruce Willis and meeting with Ashton Kutcher in 2003, the actress appeared in public noticeably slimmer. Now the star is 55, and the picture is only getting better. Beauty expert Natalya Grigorieva explains this by timely plastic surgery (nose and chest), liposuction, botulinum toxin injections, lifting and regular Fraxel and Thermage procedures. Demi is still an in-demand actress. In 2018, with her participation, the film “With Love, Sonya” was released, and in 2019 the premiere of “Corporate Animals” will take place.

Beauty Assistant Moore – Hollywood plastic surgeon Brian Novak (we wrote about him here).


For the first time Madonna surprised fans in 2007 at the Oscar ceremony. The singer was then 49 years old and she looked very fresh! Further – more: in 2016, the star appeared at the Met Gala with a completely new face: no wrinkles on the forehead, pronounced cheekbones, glowing skin – everything indicated that the 58-year-old Madonna had been preparing for this release for more than one day or even a month. !

Meg Ryan

But Meg Ryan’s changes in appearance did not play into the hands. The actress was 54 years old when she decided to go to the surgeon (by the way, the same as Demi Moore). As a result, at Advertising Week in 2016, she was barely recognized: her face seemed swollen and motionless, and her lips became significantly larger. In 2017, Meg slightly corrected the situation, but her image is already far from the one that we are used to seeing in our favorite 2000s melodramas. Ryan’s affairs have not improved since then – the actress has not starred in a big movie since 2015.

Felicity Huffman

Felicity decided to change for the role of “desperate housewife” Lynette Scavo. According to the script, her character was 30 years old, and Huffman herself was over 40 at the time of filming. Botox and blepharoplasty came to the rescue. Felicity worked on the project for 8 years, until its completion, and became the only actress on the series to receive multiple Emmy nominations and one statuette.

Marion Cotillard

In 2017, Marion posted an everyday selfie with unnaturally large lips on Instagram. The rebellious subscribers had to be reassured: lips are part of the new image of Marion for the film “Forever Young”, which was shot by her husband Guillaume Canet.

Megan Fox

Megan never admitted to doing Botox injections. However, few people believe in the word of the actress. For example, Natalia Grigorieva is sure that there is injection therapy in her life. She helped the actress to correct the shape of her upper lip. Other procedures: rhinoplasty and cheekbone contouring. All this happened to Megan even before the world fame and “Transformers”.

Linda Evangelista

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Linda said that she confessed to her mother about Botox injections, and she was upset: “Everyone does it, but they don’t tell!” The supermodel of the 90s is honest with her fans, she says she wants to look good, not young. Evangelista is also supposed to monitor her skin condition for another reason: the 52-year-old model is developing her own beauty brand Erasa

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda is 80 years old, this year in France she was honored at the Lumiere Brothers Film Festival for her contribution to the development of cinema – at the ceremony the actress was invariably beautiful and cheerful! In 2018, the film “Book Club” was released with her participation and, apparently, Jane is not going to retire.

In 2010, the star blogged (now it is not available), where she wrote: “I was given a compliment about the new short haircut, to which I replied:“ We did some ‘work’ on my neck, chin and bags under my eyes, and I decided, that it would be nice to update the haircut so that people think that the secret is in it. Now I look the way I feel, and I’m happy about it! “

Heidi Montag

It was not her acting ability that made the star of the Hollywood Hills reality show. In 2009, Heidi underwent 10 plastic surgeries in one day. Her doctor Frank Ryan enlarged the girl’s breasts, buttocks, corrected the shape of her nose, did a mini-brow lift, a chin lift and liposuction of the neck.