What bloggers are talking about: Nastya Swan


Mdress and blogger Nastya Swan – about daily rituals of beauty, inner harmony with oneself, nutrition and sports.

About mental health

To be productive, it is very important to maintain balance, inner balance and keep your thoughts in order. Spiritual practices, work with a psychologist and communication with my inner self help me to be in harmony with myself.

I do meditation and yoga every day. This helps to catch certain flows of energy, tune in to the necessary “waves”, to get in touch with the Universe. The relaxation, the little respite they give, is the kind of mini-reboot the brain needs for it to function properly.

An interesting practice is “psychological mirror” or “how to make friends with your own reflection.” Yes, I just sit in front of the mirror, look into my eyes and talk. To whom it seems strange – I suggest that you first try it yourself. I think this is the best way to understand and, therefore, accept yourself.

In addition, I set myself small challenges every day. For example, read a certain number of pages, watch something informative, take a course on the Internet. You never know what knowledge may be useful to you. The more neural connections appear in the brain, the better it can withstand stress and cope with stress.

About sport

I exercise every day. Yoga is important for stretching and in order to fully experience your muscles, your body. And training in the gym is to keep in good shape. My fitness menu includes functional training, circuit training for a large number of repetitions, working with my own weight and, of course, jogging. To help – advice from a competent coach who selects a program for my tasks and goals, helps to keep the pace and mood.

I recently filmed a video for my channel with a workout done by Victoria’s Secret models ahead of the show. The main emphasis in it is on the legs, the most problematic part of the female body. I also tell you about one of the most popular “sports accessories” for Victoria’s Secret models – an elastic band for fitness. I use it in every workout. With such a simple and effective equipment, you can train your legs almost anywhere, besides, it takes up almost no space in your bag. Go on link and see.

About personal care

My skin is usually in excellent condition, because I rarely use decorative cosmetics. To maintain a healthy look, I wipe my face with tonic in the morning, using oils and moisturizers.

Moisturizing lotion for the face Hydra Beauty Lotion, Chanel
Eye cream Hydro Beauty, Chanel
Moisturizing Cream – Expert, L’Oreal Paris
Sheet mask Coconut Nourishing & Soothing, Sephora Collection

As a rule, I always change my care products, but, for example, Hydra Beauty Lotion and Hydra Beauty Micro Gel Yeux for the skin around the eyes from Chanel are indispensable. For moisturizing I use the Moisturizing Expert cream from L’Oreal Paris. In preparation for filming, the Sephora Collection fabric masks, my favorite Coconut Nourishing & Soothing, help me out.

For everyday makeup, I most often use Giorgio Armani products: Lip Maestro velvet lip gel in shade 204 and Eyes To Kill cream shadows in Halo shade. Yves Saint Laurent also has favorite products: Touche éclat High Cover concealer, Baby Doll Kiss & Blush (very convenient for quick makeup and giving the skin a pleasant blush) and Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Waterproof mascara.

About plans and goals

I don’t like to share plans, not because I’m afraid of superstition. It always seems to me that they will either not understand me, or they will try to dissuade me. It must be remembered that no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try to polish and improve what you do, there will always be people who will not like something. You need to ask yourself what you like and move towards it.

About the USA and Russia

New York is so busy and fixated on itself that people there simply have no time to pay attention to you. If you walk around Manhattan in your underwear, no one will look, everyone will just pass by. This is the loneliest city I’ve been to. There you communicate with a huge number of people, but you come home and feel very lonely.

On the other hand, if an American is having a bad day, he will never vent his negativity on you. Which, of course, cannot be said about Russia. There is a lot of gloom here, a lot of dullness, most people only look at the cover. I want to hide, hide. I confess that here I do not have enough aesthetics, beauty around. But Moscow also has its own charm: something of its own, dear, is felt here. There are many opportunities for work and self-realization.

And yet, it is New York – the city of my dreams, where I once wanted to go, where I would like to stay. I know for sure that I will return there.

About your audience

At that moment, when my audience became significantly larger, I gradually ceased to feel it. After all, I do not see them, and sometimes a strange question arises: “Do these people exist at all?” I look at the post where I have 100 thousand likes, and I do not believe: really 100 thousand people pressed their finger on my photo! But still, every person who looks and follows me is very important to me, because he made a choice – to follow me.

I have an amazing audience, they support me very much and respects my endeavors. But they sometimes react strongly to abrupt changes in me. Some people perceive me as a character in a computer game. They believe that I am who they think I am. Sometimes, when suddenly there are some changes, they do not coincide with their expectations.

About friendship

I am very careful about this word. It’s hard to find real friends in the industry I work in. I have several people whom I can call friends. They are far from this sphere, and I have known them since childhood.

In general, you come into this world alone and leave alone. So the most important thing is to learn to be a friend to yourself.

About food

First of all, you need to be able to listen to your body. Take your natural shape and then work to improve it.

For example, I don’t eat meat, and I came to this very organically and intuitively. I just listened to my body, and then everything was scientifically confirmed. After I passed a blood test, which showed that, in principle, animal products are not suitable for me by the type of nutrition.

I also take vitamins, a probiotic to improve the state of the flora of the body. I add vegan protein to the diet, it is great for saturating and beneficial for metabolism.

About love and relationships

Love is very important, but this feeling needs to be learned. It seems to me that this is why we come into the world. It’s not just some kind of attachment. It is the warmth inside that we attract other people.

About long-term relationships and the desire to get married I will say this: a good deed is not called “marriage”. If you feel good with a person now – great, good tomorrow – great. If at some point not, it’s okay. Freedom is the most precious thing we have. You need to be with someone who helps you grow and inspires you. When it stops, there is nothing wrong with making a different choice.