BAchromin brand is familiar to everyone who has ever been interested in the problem of skin lightening. And if suddenly you have not heard about him, ask your mother – she knows for sure.

The only cream for age spots Achromin, which was used by women in the USSR, was produced by the Bulgarian company “Alen Mak” and for many years was its trademark.

In 2015, the brand was acquired by the pharmaceutical company Dominanta. This led to the rebranding and the emergence of three lines of cosmeceutical care products: Achromin Anti Pigment, Achromin Anti Acne and Achromin Anti Age. Cosmetic products are developed taking into account the characteristics and needs of different skin types, which allows every woman to choose her own Achromin

Achromin Anti Pigment

The Anti Pigment line contains the brightening components arbutin, fruit acids, papaya, apricot, and strawberry extracts.

The most effective effect of cosmetics is manifested if you use funds complex, especially since there is plenty to choose from. The Anti Pigment line is represented by gel for washing, peels with fruit acids (7% and 9%) and gommage-exfoliant for delicate skin renewal, day / night creams, moisturizing mask, caring serum, whitening concentrate and BB cream.

Achromin Anti Acne

Ruler Anti acne formulated for the care of skin prone to inflammation and acne. The task of Anti Acne products is to reduce skin inflammation, narrow pores and level out traces of acne. The main components in Anti Acne formulations are: dexpanthenol, regenerating the skin, salicylic acid (cleanses and has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect), sulfur, zinc and its salts (have an anti-inflammatory and sebum-regulating effect).

Mattifying lotion – daily, as needed, once to several times a day
steaming mask and mask-film with activated charcoal – 1-2 times a week

Achromin Anti Age

Ruler Anti Age Are care products for aging skin. All products contain the most effective anti-age components known at the moment: hyaluronic acid, apple stem cells, collagen.

Moreover, for greater convenience and efficiency, the products are combined in pairs: face cream and eye cream with hyaluronic acid; face cream and eye cream with apple stem cells; face mask and eye cream with collagen. The line is complemented by a gel for washing with hyaluronic acid and hand cream with collagen.

Basic anti-age care: face cream and eye cream – daily morning and evening

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