10 September 2021

V 90s Brazilian TV series were at the peak of their popularity. Those who have not been interested in what famous actresses do for 15 years will be delighted: they enter into multi-million dollar advertising contracts, have children and continue to play. There are nine television stars with the most interesting lives on BeautyHack.

Juliana Paez

Juliana has been playing in TV series since 1998. A bright non-standard appearance (Arab, African, Indian blood flows in her veins) became for the actress a pass to the auditions of the highest-grossing TV series. Most likely, you remember Juliana from the TV series “Clone”, but real fame in Brazil and beyond came to the girl in 2009, when the picture “Roads of India” was released. Now the star is 39 years old, she and businessman Carlos Eduardo Batista are growing up two sons (7 years old and 4 years old), and there is no end to television and advertising projects (the star can be seen both in advertising for Vanish products and at presentations of the Brazilian cosmetics brand Eudora) … In the wake of popularity, the actress created her own perfume brand, Juliana Paes.

Ana Paula Arosio

At the age of 12, Ana starred in her first professional photo shoot in her life. And in 1998 she got a fateful role for her career – in the TV series “Land of Love” she played the emigrant Giuliana. After that, Ana released one film a year, until in 2010 she married the architect Enrique Pinheira and moved to the UK, having made a new haircut for this. The couple have no children yet, but they have a real English farm.

Viviane Pazhmanter

Viviana is very well known in Brazil for her roles in the TV series “The Secret of the Tropicana”, “In the Name of Love” and “Castles in the Air”. On her Instagram account subscribed by 516 thousand users. The actress is one of the few stars of her time who is still actively acting in serials. In 2017, she participated in two films – “Two Brothers” and “New World”. The actress has two children – son Edward and daughter Lara, for the sake of them Viviane made a 5-year break in her career.

Leticia Sabatella

Leticia has been acting in films since the age of 19. The most famous roles are Thais in the series “Master of the World” and Latiffa in “Clone”. Despite the fact that world success came to the star after the series “Clone”, the girl’s filmography includes more than 20 films, 10 of which are full-length films. In the 90s, Leticia was forced to take a break from her career: she was caring for her daughter, who was born at 6 months of pregnancy. Now Clara is 25 years old, and her famous mother is 47. She devotes most of her time to acting in the theater, where her stage partner is another famous Brazilian actor Fernando Alves.

Giovanna Antonelli

Giovanna became famous for the role of Jadi in the TV series “Clone”. The romantic and confusing love story of a married Muslim girl and a Brazilian guy stretches over 250 episodes. But Antonelli’s personal life is no less exciting. Immediately after filming the series, Giovanna began dating partner Murilo Benicio and even gave birth to his son Pietro. But then the couple broke up, and the actress married a businessman Roberto Lokashio for the second time. Their marriage lasted 4 months. But the following relationship of Giovanna became more successful: together with director Leonardo Nogueira, they became the parents of two daughters.

Stephanie Brito

The pretty Stephanie, who played Samira in the TV series The Clone, is now 30 years old. In 2007, she married the striker of the Chinese football team Alexandre Patu, and after parting with him a year later, she went through an unpleasant divorce process that almost ruined her.

Today Brito is happy with 23-year-old Igor Rashkovsky (as proof, see her Instagram millionaire), starred in commercials and tried herself as a TV presenter for children’s programs.

Deborah Falabella

Clone star Deborah Falabella is currently at her peak in Brazil. Her shooting is scheduled for several years in advance. It is already known that in 2019 one full-length film and one TV series will be released with the participation of the actress. In her personal life, Deborah also has complete harmony. Together with Murilo Beniciu, they raise Farabella’s 9-year-old daughter Nina and mock their own relationship in Instagram – in the TV series “Clone” Deborah and Murilo played father and daughter.

Vera Fisher

Now the star of the series “Family Ties” and “Clone” is 66 years old, and she is not going to retire. Training, performances in the theater, shooting – judging by Instagram, the life of one of the most famous Brazilian actresses is like a fairy tale. But it was not always so. In the 90s, Vera was married to another famous actor, Felipe Camargue. But in 1995, the marriage broke up due to the alcohol and drug addiction of Vera (read about this and other stellar novels here). For the same reason, she was temporarily deprived of custody of her son Gabriel. But later, the actress underwent rehabilitation, returned her son and the recognition of fans.

Deborah Sekku

Already at the age of fifteen, Deborah Sekku had many roles in the theater and TV series behind her shoulders, but the audience remembered her negative image in “Family Ties” more. The actress liked to play the insidious villain Iris, and all subsequent roles were similar to this one.

Since 2011, she has not appeared on the screens, but fans have heard a lot about her personal life: Deborah was married to director Rogerio Gomez, met with several famous actors, married footballer Roger Flores, and in 2015 gave birth to a daughter from surfer Hugo Morua. He is married to him to this day. V Instagram actresses – mom’s everyday life, the best shooting and, of course, training videos. The figure of 38-year-old Deborah has not changed since filming “Family Ties”.