Who doesn’t go with short haircuts


Zdid you want to refresh the image or change the image? Take your time to make drastic decisions – changes in the haircut do not always meet expectations. If you have a desire for a short haircut, first determine if this length is right for you. BeautyHack is about who doesn’t like short haircuts.

If you are curvy

Short haircuts are not always suitable for girls with curvaceous forms – they can visually disrupt the proportions of the body, making the head small and the figure large. You cannot cut your hair short and owners of bulky shoulders or a short neck – such features will become more noticeable.

For girls with excessive thinness, a short haircut is also not suitable. Without the rounded shapes, this length will make you a teenage boy.

If you have an elongated or rectangular face

It is not recommended to make a short haircut for owners of an elongated or rectangular face. This hair length will further emphasize all imperfections. An alternative is to wind the strands so that light curls smooth out unnecessary corners. Variations of fashionable haircuts for medium length hair – here

If you have a round or fuzzy face shape

A very short haircut does not suit girls with a round face and those who have put on a little weight – it opens the forehead and makes the blurred outline more noticeable. But the hair of medium length, correctly framing the face, will perfectly mask the flaw. Read about haircuts that slim down here.

If you have a long nose

Unfortunately, with such a feature as a long nose, stylists do not advise to cut their hair short, otherwise the highlight of the appearance risks turning into a disadvantage. In this case, make a light but very fluffy bangs (7 fashionable bangs options – here) – it will allow you to wear a hairstyle of any length and will make your nose less noticeable.

If you don’t like wasting time packing

For those looking to save time, short hair is not an option.

Firstly, they need to be styled every day, otherwise you risk looking untidy (it is possible to cope with styling in 5 minutes, hairdresser-stylist Evgeny Shatokhin told how – here). Secondly, the absence of even natural makeup can deprive you of your femininity.

If you are not satisfied with the structure of your hair

If by nature you have thin and too soft hair, then it is better to avoid short haircuts, or choose very carefully. Girls with graceful features and a slender figure are an exception, this hairstyle will give them elegance.

Each girl is individual, so it is better to consult a stylist. A professional will select the length based on all external aspects and facial features. If this is not possible, then go to the mirror, collect your hair in a low ponytail without parting, look in the mirror – do you like it? Cut your hair.

Text: Diana Snetkova