Wow! What do the actresses who played children in Brazilian TV series look like today?


V In the 1990s, a new hobby appeared in the life of the “post-Soviet” family – watching TV series. In those not so distant times, disks were a rarity – to find out how the telenovela would end, every evening you had to put off everything and sit at the screen. The heroes of “Tropicanka” and “Cruel Angel” for 200-300 episodes became practically relatives – they were discussed by everyone: from cashiers and controllers to accountants and teachers. Today, everyone’s favorite actors are not at all what the audience remembers them. Some have grown old, and some have matured. BeautyHack found out what the actors who played children and teenagers in Brazilian TV series do and look like.

Karla Diaz. Khadija “Clone”

Who does not remember the daughter of Zhadi and Said, who adored gold and dreamed of getting married from the cradle? The baby with uneven teeth and cute dimples caused tenderness with her oriental dances and “adult” reasoning. The role of Khadija became the starting point in her career for the aspiring actress – the girl became famous all over the world.

Now Carla 28. She continues to act and play in theatrical performances. Diaz’s career is going well. In her “piggy bank” – five victories in the nomination “Best Young Actress”.

In addition to films, Karla can often be seen in advertisements for underwear from well-known brands. Not much is known about Diaz’s personal life. She is not married and is still actively pursuing a career.

Stephanie Brito, Samira “The Clone”

In the series, Stephanie played Samira, a Muslim girl who flatly refuses to wear a headscarf. By her willful actions and friendship with the boys, she brought her “serial” parents to a heart attack. By nature, Samira was more like her aunt – Zhadi, who fell in love with Lucas.

Stephanie grew up to be a real beauty – you can’t take your eyes off. In 2007 she married Chelsea striker Alexandre Pato. At that time she was only 19 years old. True, the union did not last long – the couple divorced. Scandalous details of the breakup now and then appeared in the press – by a court decision, the footballer had to pay her alimony, in the amount of 5,000 reais per month.

After the divorce, Stephanie began to return to normal life and creative activity only in 2011, periodically appearing in cameo roles and on talk shows. Several years ago, the actress began dating Igor Rachkovsky, a law student. This summer, the couple got married to the delight of the millions of people who follow Brito’s life in Instagram

Cecilia Dassie. Sandrinha “In the name of love”

Cecilia is an actress who literally grew up in front of viewers. She first appeared on the screens in the role of baby Sandrigny in the TV series “In the Name of Love”. The series’ scriptwriter Manuel Carlos says that Dassi was perfect for the role: “It was like I wrote Sandrinho especially for her!”.

After that, offers from directors literally fell on the young actress. Party from “Tender Poison”, Mirella from “Voice of the Heart” – it’s all Cecilia.

Now the actress is 29 years old. The last picture with her participation – “Gonzaga – from son to father” – was released in 2012. Nothing is known about the actress’s personal life. From time to time she publishes something on her page… But this is not a selfie or a photo in a swimsuit – see for yourself!

Caroline Dickman. Asusena “Tropikanka”

Carolina’s career did not start with serials – from the catwalk. As a teenager, she starred in commercials, in which she was noticed by directors of the Globa company.

After that, she took part, if not in all, then at least half of the Brazilian TV series. At 16 she was offered a role in the telenovela “Tropicanka”, which tells the story of the love of a girl from a wealthy family and a poor fisherman. Dickman played the modest and sweet Asusena – the daughter of Ramiro and his wife Serena.

The matured Carolina can be seen in the telenovelas “Mistress Destiny”, “In the Name of Love”, “Snakes and Lizards”.

In September this year, the actress turned forty. But she hardly changed. Behind her page in Instagram watched by 4.7 million users, and photos in a swimsuit collect tens of thousands of likes. Carolina left her acting career and is raising her sons – David and Jose.

Lavinia Vlasak. Leah Medzenga “Fatal Inheritance”

Even as a child, those around him predicted a creative career for Lavania: the girl had a bright, remarkable appearance and acting ability. At the age of 14, she was invited to a modeling agency – this did not delight her dad, an engineer. Two years later, Lavinia was noticed and invited to the cinema.

She played her first role in the series Fatal Inheritance, which won her the Cоntigo award in the category “Discovery of the Year”. Vlasak perfectly succeeded in the image of a windy loafer and a representative of the “golden youth” Leah – the daughter of Leah and Marcus. After that Lavania appeared in the role of Ligia in the TV series “Cruel Angel”, and then – in the telenovela “Women in Love”.

In 2007, the actress married businessman Sels Colomba and gave birth to two children. Vlasak looks great – for her profile watched by 334 thousand subscribers.

Deborah Sekkou. Karina “New Victim”

Already at 15, Deborah had a serious background behind her: about five roles in theater and cinema. In 1995, the Brazilian TV series Silviu di Abreu “The New Victim” was released, breaking popularity records in the mid-90s. In it, Deborah played Karina, the daughter of Ana and Marcela Rosi.

But most of all, the viewer remembered the image of the villainous Iris in “Family Ties”. Her subsequent roles were very similar to this one – Deborah was one hundred percent successful with negative heroines!

In 2011, Sekku stopped acting. Perhaps the reason for this was a stormy personal life – she met with director Rogerio Gomez and was married to footballer Roger Flores. In 2015, Deborah gave birth to a daughter from surfer Hugo Maurois. By the way, Debora has 14.3 million subscribers (@dedesecco) – Brazil still rules.