Yoga skin as a new beauty trend: what is it and why?


eleven November 2018 English makeup artist Sara Hill published in Instagram video with new makeup. The girl named the technique in which it was performed The Yogaskin Technique. So to replace insta-contouring, strobing, baking and gym skin came a new trend – Yoga skin.

“I wanted to create a skin that seemed to glow from the inside. Healthy, radiant, hydrated, clean and natural, ”explains Sarah.

Marcy Robin, editor of the American Allure website, offered her explanation: “If I were asked what Yoga skin is, I would say that it is red, covered with spots and sweat. But in the world of Goop (a healthy lifestyle company owned by Gwyneth Paltrow), this is how your skin looks after regular yoga classes, when the inner world literally shines through the pores … Thanks to a new makeup trend, I can pretend to do yoga more often. “

It seems that in order to try out a new trend, a couple of yoga classes and certainly a minimum of makeup are enough. But Sarah, of course, is cunning, explaining how to make the most natural tone with ten means. Under the video, the makeup artist publishes detailed instructions for Yoga skin makeup in eight steps:


Cleanse and moisturize your skin as usual. Wait until all products are completely absorbed.


Apply a small amount of silicone-free primer.


Apply 3-4 drops of your favorite water-based foundation onto your hand and mix with oil. Sara uses a Chanel tone and a drop of Kiehl’s oil.


Then – a drop of strobe cream or liquid highlighter (from Sarah – from Kevyn Aucoin). The make-up artist advises using golden shades.


Add a drop of radiant base to the resulting product, if desired. For example, from Revolution PRO.


Massage everything onto the skin. This “foundation” can be layered until you get the perfect finish. The main thing is to take short breaks between applying layers of tone.


Apply a small amount of concealer to problem areas (under the eyes, around the nose).


Add cream blush and bronzer if desired. Make-up can be secured with powder (for example, from MAC). Use a small fluffy brush.

“If you want to apply a fixing spray over the top, make sure there is no alcohol in the composition,” the makeup artist recommends.

The result is in the photo below and by hashtag #yogaskin