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Joyful and gentle spring cosmetics collections this year they come to Russia, alas, especially late – which does not prevent us from waiting for them with impatience and with pleasure to try what is already on our shelves. We have selected for you the most iconic collections of the upcoming season.

Collection Glow Vibes

The hilarious collection, which make-up director Peter Philips calls inspired by music and pop culture, is perhaps the brightest in this collection. Phillips mixes the eighties and sixties: here and bright blue and purple shadows, and fuchsia for the lips, and peach blush. The find of the collection is a quintet of Pink Vibrations shadows (a great combination of pink, orange, yellow and shades of purple) and graceful highlighters, shimmering with coral and pink. For those looking for something a little more delicate, there are six shades of translucent lip oil – comfortable and glossy.

Desert Dream collection

Lucia Pica, who has recently researched the theme of light in makeup a lot, has dedicated her Desert Dream collection to the desert. But instead of the expected heavy reddish colors, everything here plays on half-tones and deceit: the central color of the collection is pink in all textures and manifestations, from grayish to coral. In fact, this is an ideal and very fashionable nude for those who are tired of flat beige and brown options: instead of them, there are deep shades of sunsets in some hot country. We recommend taking a closer look at the nail polishes (which are now surprisingly long-lasting), eyeshadow pencils and the model Warm Memories eyeshadow palette. It would seem, what new can be said on the topic of nude? Here’s what.

Prelude collection

Last year, Lime Crime closed its line of Venus palettes – the outstanding cold Immortalis, which we will talk about in more detail later, is the latest in the series. But there is no need to lose heart: in the spring the Prelude series debuted, which is intended to become, as it were, a prequel to Venus. The new collection includes two palettes, nude Exposed and colored Chroma, and three Velvetines lipsticks: dark blue, gray-pink and light peach. Everything turned out to be smooth and successful, but if you need to choose one item from the collection, we advise you to take a closer look at the Chroma palette: an unexpected mix of transparent-Pre-Raphaelite colors with rich dark colors results in a wonderful make-up.

Collection Love The Iconic Red

A charming minimalist collection made by the German brand in collaboration with designer Steffen Schraut. (The brand has excellent collaborations in general – for example, two long-standing collections with Dita von Teese were very good). The emotional center of the collection, of course, is the red lipstick and the corresponding varnish, but there are also light shades. The collection also includes a complete set of classic red lipstick makeup: nude eyeshadows and very successful tricolor blush.

Alessandro Michele and Thomas de Cliver (respectively, the creative director of Gucci and their chief make-up artist) together did the impossible – they forced the entire industry to discuss their new product, namely mascara. Mascara – about a million of which are released every day in the world, including those from quite outstanding brands. Deserved success – a combination of a sum of factors: modern positioning, elegant retro packaging, ingenious advertising and marketing strategy and, finally, product quality. The mascara really turned out to be cool: non-sticky and plastic, and most importantly, universal – it is really easy to make both natural and ultra-dramatic makeup with it.

Milkshake collection

For the second consecutive spring collection, the brand decides in an unusual manner for itself: last year the brand played with holography and glitter, and this year it has relied on a sweet design and airy textures. The two main novelties of the collection are the Milky Boost fluid tonal in a bottle reminiscent of a milk bottle and lip mousse. The fluid is white at first, but when shaded, it acquires color and blends well with the skin. The mousse is matte and loose – in fact, a tint, but without its usual drawbacks such as dry lips and the inability to wipe off the product without curses and oil for makeup remover. In addition, the brand has released two shades of Joli Blush blush in limited packs and two shades of satin eyeshadows within the collection.

Lip Gloss line

Makeup artist Sergei Naumov continues to carefully develop his strong and successful brand – and launched a line of lip gloss, simply calling it Lip Gloss. The gloss turned out to be modern and cool: they are non-sticky, not too glossy (there is no feeling of a mirror surface on the lips), they moisturize well and shine mainly due to microscopic glitter, which gives volume, but makes the shine implicit and intelligent. So far, there are six nude shades in the series, which Naumov traditionally succeeds well in – from pale pink to milky beige.

Tuscan Sunshine Collection

The Italian brand endlessly rides on its favorite skate, describing the beauty of its homeland – however, it is a sin not to use such baggage. This time, the brand has chosen shades of Tuscan sunrises, so the collection includes warm nudes, bronzers, lipsticks and glitters of pure sunny colors. As usual with the brand, the seasonal collection is very large and it includes not only color make-up, but also care and tonal means. The lip oil with flower petals inside turned out to be very cute, and it is worth noting that Kiko Milano has greatly improved the quality of the eyeshadows in the palettes – this time they are dense and perfectly shaded.

Everlasting Blush and XO Vinyl Lip Cream

The new items were developed in direct collaboration with Kat Von Dee, who announced her departure from the brand in January. Therefore, I would like to treat them with special trepidation: soon completely different people will be engaged in the development. Usually Von Dee preferred maximalism – large series, large palettes – but both new lines are small: six shades of blush (so far four have reached us) and six shades of lipsticks. The blush is powdery, but so fine and dense that it seems creamy, economical and pigmented. Lipsticks (we called the texture “gloss-cream”), in contrast to the classic Everlasting, glossy (really vinyl) and very dense – cover the lips from the thinnest layer.

The Afterglow Collection and Blush Line

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