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Scrubs, peels and serums for the scalp – not the most obvious remedy in care: it seems like shampoo washes the head, and everything else may seem overkill. But the skin under the hair, like any other, also needs periodic deep cleansing – this is especially important in the summer, when the hair gets greasy faster, and is doubly important for those who love styling. High-quality cleansing can improve the root volume and overall appearance of the hairstyle, and if you use this treatment regularly, your hair will grow better and may even become thicker. In our selection – a dozen good products with different, but equally noble qualities.

OK Beauty Wake Up & Peel Scalp Activator

570 p. (with discount)

The Russian brand OK Beauty is actively growing, and this is very encouraging: the products are not at all meaningless. This mask, which must be kept for 15 minutes before washing your hair, contains glycolic, azelaic and salicylic acids. Balances the fusion set of shea butter and squalane so that the peel does not sting or irritate even the sensitive scalp. The brand does not recommend using Wake Up & Peel Scalp Activator more than twice a week, but in general, you can safely limit yourself to even one.

Rated Green Real Mary Exfoliating Scalp Shampoo

2700 RUB (with discount)

The cute Korean brand makes hair and scalp products with a focus on organic ingredients and a sustainable approach. This shampoo based on rosemary and aloe vera juice can be used every day – it cleanses honestly, but gently. Exfoliating Scalp Shampoo, despite the name, contains no scrubbing particles, only tea tree oil and salicylic acid; the latter is at the very end of a long list of ingredients made up of a wide variety of natural extracts.

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Scrub Shampoo

1161 RUB (with a discount)

Salt scrub with menthol and green tea extract, at the same time works as a shampoo. Out of habit, I want to scoop up a lot, but this will be a mistake – the product foams like mad, and even a small amount of it can wash all the residents of an apartment building. It cleans hardcore, until that very squeak, so you don’t need to part with it – but after drying it seems that the hair has become twice as large.

Leonor Greyl Regenerescence Naturelle Scalp Stimulating Essential Oils

2531 p. (with discount)

The luxury hairdressing brand Leonor Greyl has been natural long before it became mainstream – this family-owned brand has been around for almost 55 years. The main pride of Leonor Greyl has always been oils and products based on them. This well-balanced cleansing and toning serum is recommended to be applied before shampooing – you can apply for 15 minutes, or you can leave it overnight and not even get your pillowcase dirty.

Evo Springsclean Deep Clean Rinse

from 500 r

The daring Evo brand is notable for its approach to cosmetics, which I would like to call punk, despite the oxymoron of the idea itself – no pompous sophistication, instead of it – hilarious inscriptions on the bottles and interesting working products. Springsclean is a deep cleansing yet mild sulfate-free shampoo that is promised won’t wash out color and nail curls, so it’s especially recommended for wavy hair (but will work for anyone). It’s nice that you can buy a mini-volume for a trial and not go broke.

Davines Solu Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser

2920 p.

A thick salt scrub shampoo is suitable for lovers of serious and even harsh cleansing – although if used not too often, it will be useful for owners of any type of hair and scalp (the brand recommends using the product every second or third wash). The nicest Italian brand also has a mask for the scalp with charcoal: unlike our hero, it should be used not instead of shampoo, but before or after it.

Holika Holika Tea Tree Scalp Care Shampoo

1890 p. (with discount)

Our retailers called this product a shampoo-mask, although it does not look like a mask at all – a fluid, dense gel that, moreover, perfectly foams. Tea Tree Scalp Care Shampoo contains tea tree oil and kaolin, as well as allantoin and Asiatica Centella – so, despite its deep cleansing, it soothes itching well and cools the head in every way.

Art & Fact Multipeptide Activator Serum for Hair Growth and Thickness

494 p. (with discount)

The Russian budget brand Art & Fact is successfully following the path trodden by The Ordinary: the brand loves ingredients with proven effectiveness and puts them on the package (special thanks for the understandable website, where potential conflicting ones are honestly listed under the description of each product). This leave-in serum to be used after shampooing contains a complex of acids, ceramides and arginine: can be applied not only to the scalp, but also to the hair to heighten shine.

Kerastase Scrub Energisant

4290 p.

There are two scrubs for the scalp at the well-deserved hairdressing salon – a gentle Apaisant for sensitive heads and this one intensive. The usual suspects – salt and salicylic acid – are supplemented with vitamin B6, aka pyridoxine, which, when used regularly, prevents dandruff and hair loss. The salt particles are large here – they do not scratch, but they clean it conscientiously. You don’t need shampoo after the scrub, but conditioner is a must.

Omorovicza Revitalizing Scalp Mask

5586 p.

The proud Hungarian brand adds local hot spring water to all products, and the Moor Mud line also includes local clay. The Revitalizing Scalp Mask, which must be applied before using the shampoo, also contains menthol, salicylic acid, and oils: after it, it feels like the scalp has literally been renewed (and at the same time the head itself). A bonus is a convenient tube nose, thanks to which the product is applied directly to the parting.

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