In St. Petersburg, biology teacher Olga Shchegoleva was forced to resign from the school at the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory due to the fact that she blogged about sex clearance. This was reported by “Fontanka”. The school administration asked the teacher to write a letter of resignation after a complaint from the parents and stated that “it is not appropriate for a teacher to conduct such activities.” At the same time, Shchegoleva put the label 18+ on her account and installed the appropriate age filters for subscribers.

“I have done everything by law that is required of me to protect children from traumatic information. Everything that the Instagram platform offers me, ”she said. – I am not very pleased that such a scandal happened at school because of me. I didn’t want that. I am an ordinary normal person and I do what I think is necessary. I only work with adults, adult sexuality education allows you to raise healthy children. This helps prevent violence. ”

The school’s press service confirmed Shcheglova’s dismissal, saying that she made the decision “of her own free will.”

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