Center for Violence. No (recognized as a foreign agent. – Note ed.) launched the “Old Age Without Violence” project aimed at helping elderly people who have suffered from domestic violence. As part of the initiative, there will be a hotline for those who have faced violence and neglect from loved ones. The center also organizes an educational program and psychological support groups for relatives and caregivers of elderly people who cannot cope with stress while caring for them.

“Older people find it most difficult to protect themselves from domestic violence for various reasons: health problems, isolation, lack of access to information on how to help themselves,” the center’s representatives explain. – Most often, violence against older people is used by close people who provide care or live with an older relative. Sometimes aggression can be a consequence of the fatigue and stress that a person goes through. One way to deal with irritation and fatigue is with a support group. ”

“Over the years of work, we have realized that the problem of violence against the elderly has its own specifics. It is much more difficult for older people to talk about child abuse, because there is still shame that they are your children and they treat you that way. And of course, older people are more susceptible to the stereotype that violence is a family matter and should not be told about it to anyone, ”Anna Rivina also notes.

The hotline works on weekdays from 10:00 to 18:30 by phone: +7 977 916-30-00. It can also be used to sign up for a support group.

COVER: “No violence.”

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