Human rights project published an interview with Belarusian programmer Sergei (The organization does not disclose his real name for security reasons. – Note ed.), who handed over to the project a video archive of the Federal Penitentiary Service with recordings of torture of prisoners. The audio recording was posted on the project’s YouTube channel.

In 2015, Sergei was sentenced to nine years in prison after he was detained with a bag of drugs, which he was transporting at the request of his acquaintances – he thought that there was a system unit in the bag. The programmer was serving a sentence in the Saratov region, where he became the administrator of surveillance cameras and serviced the video recorders of the Federal Penitentiary Service. In an interview with the founder of, Vladimir Osechkin, Sergei said that he handed over the archive to human rights activists, because he “wanted to convey to the people” information about the torture of prisoners in Russia.

“To be honest, I myself did not expect that everything would come to this. Roughly speaking, I was minding my own business, went to work and suddenly something like this happened. All this somehow … I wanted to convey to people. And, I hope, with the help of you, Vladimir, I did it. Now I no longer think ahead, I try to do as much as possible, – he said. – This is scary [пытки]… It’s terrible, it’s inhuman, it’s disgusting. “

The full transcript of the programmer’s story can be read on the Dozhd website (recognized as a foreign agent. – Editor’s note)… In addition, in an interview with the TV channel Osechkin noted that at the moment Sergei is “relatively safe” in a protected area abroad. The programmer also intends to apply for political asylum.

Earlier, announced the receipt of a 40 gigabyte video archive of the FSIN, “with the help of which FSB and FSIN operatives humiliated the convicts and forced them to carry out any illegal orders of the curators.” “Hundreds of people were tortured, raped and, with the help of this video compromising material, recruited to further participate in this torture conveyor,” Osechkin said.

After the publication of the materials, at least seven criminal cases were initiated, and five employees of the department, including the head of the Federal Penitentiary Service for the Saratov Region, Alexei Fedotov, resigned.

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