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The new reality dictates its own rules. Taking into account the safety rules, the eyes again became the main focus of the make-up. And if you are not going to give up mascara in the heat, we advise you to pay attention to waterproof options, even if swimming (or crying) is not part of your plans. Such products, in contrast to classic mascaras, contain more waxes and polymers – ingredients that help the pigment “grab” and stay on the eyelashes longer. As a rule, waterproof mascaras are not afraid of not only moisture, but also high temperatures and stubbornly hold on to the eyelashes until the end of the day. This persistence, however, turns into a problem: most waterproof products require careful removal at the end of the day – cleansers with oily textures, and cotton pads, and a large amount of water will come in handy.

Dior Diorshow Pump’N’Volume

2000 RUB

An updated version of the Diorshow extension mascara released in 2017. Waterproof mascara still does an excellent job of lengthening and separating – the product will appeal to those who love the natural look of eyelashes without lumps and “spider legs” – and behaves with dignity in heat and high humidity. Diorshow rinses off with some effort – it is better to use a product marked “for long-lasting eye makeup.”

Maybelline New York Lash Sensational

479 r

One of the many re-editions of the brand’s most popular mascara in a recognizable paunchy case. The product is designed for effect from the first pass – one layer is enough to noticeably increase the volume of the eyelashes. At the same time, mascara can be layered for a long time without blemishes – the product does not glue the eyelashes and does not crumble during the day. Resilience is also on the level – with Lash Sensational it is not scary even to jump into the pool.

Lanc├┤me Monsieur Big

2032 RUB

An outrageous amount of volume – this is how you can describe the effect of Lankom’s mascara with a self-explanatory name. A thick fluffy brush in one step makes eyelashes noticeably thicker and longer – for a natural make-up Monsieur Big will be too much. Mascara perfectly layering and practically does not stick eyelashes. Until the evening of a busy and hot day, the product calmly survives on the eyelashes, without crumbling or migrating to the area under the eyes.

Essence Maximum Definition

260 RUB

The brave German brand boasts not only pleasant prices, but also good formulas – many Essence products deservedly fall into the hit lists of beauty bloggers. For example, leveling make-up bases, monotone crumbs with excellent pigment, concealers and mascaras. Maximum Definition is no exception: the product is praised for the effect of neat and long lashes without clumps and good durability. The creators promise that the product will not let you down either in training or in the pool, but we still advise you to go in for sports without makeup on your face.

Clinique high impact

1621 RUB

Clinique mascaras are rarely praised for their explosive volume, eye-popping lengthening, or “doll lash” effect. The brand focuses on products for natural, soothing make-up and gentle formulas. For example, all Clinique mascaras are suitable for sensitive eyes and lens wearers. And even the waterproof High Impact rinses off effortlessly.

Chanel le volume de chanel

1912 RUB

Another product marked “suitable for wearing contact lenses” – now with a serious claim for volume and extra length. The first is achieved through a clever brush with discs that cover the lashes from all sides. Second – thanks to the quick-drying acacia resin in the composition, it fixes the bend of the eyelashes and visually lengthens them. It holds up during the day with dignity, despite the temperature and humidity changes, and is washed off with any two-phase eye remedy (there are also such in the Chanel arsenal).

Too Faced Better Than Sex

1852 RUB

According to the brand itself, one Better Than Sex mascara is sold every 7.5 seconds in the world. It’s not just the name: the product gives the eyelashes a really impressive volume, but at the same time behaves quietly during the day, without smearing or crumbling. With Better Than Sex on your eyelashes, it’s really not scary to start the day with a yoga lesson, and end it with a run home in the rain or an evening session in the pool.

Glossier lash slick

$ 16

Glossier mascara does not promise wonderful metamorphoses. With her, eyelashes still look natural, adding only a little volume and length – an excellent remedy for every day, if there are five minutes left to collect. But with the declared water resistance, the product copes with the top five: mascara is not afraid of direct contact with water, or high humidity and sweat.

Urban decay perversion

1990 RUB

The fluffy brush of an impressive size provides a serious volume. At the same time, the mascara has a light gel texture – the product spreads easily, dries quickly and does not stick eyelashes. Perversion does not migrate across the face during the day and survives the promised twelve hours of socks with dignity. True, when washing, mascara leaves the eyelashes not too willingly – prepare cotton pads and a special tool for waterproof makeup.

Crayola Beauty Mascara

546 r

Bright pencils and crayons for drawing with the Crayola Beauty logo over time, they have grown into a separate beauty line. Today the brand Crayola Beauty there are balms and lipsticks enclosed in familiar sticks, shadows in snow-white palettes and good highlighters. Mascara in a laconic case with a narrow brush copes well with separating and lengthening eyelashes, but does not guarantee fantastic volume. Rather, it is an everyday option that is not afraid of adversity like a summer shower or a stuffy subway car.

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