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We have already figured out what is included in the, perhaps, the most popular Garnier remedy – micellar with a pink cap – and whether it is necessary to rinse micellar water off the face. Now is the time to remember ten more versatile micelle products that are great for removing makeup.


1469 RUB

Since 2002, the French brand has been producing skin care products with simple formulations and a laconic “pharmacy” design. Micellar water is no exception: a weighty bottle will last a long time, and the product itself is suitable primarily for owners of sensitive skin prone to redness and dryness.

Despite the fact that the packaging notes that the product does not have to be washed off and can be applied to the area around the eyes, we advise you to stick to common sense: do not leave the product on the skin if you are used to a different cleansing scheme, and do not rub your eyes with a cotton pad, but just gently walk along the contour of the century.


1790 RUB

Micellar water, but not simple, but additionally enriched with cucumber and thyme extracts. Among other things, it is positioned as a means to minimize inflammation due to zinc in the composition, so the product is suitable primarily for owners of oily skin, and for dry skin it can be aggressive.


1936 RUB

Water with an unobtrusive, but perceptible specific aroma and an extract of seven herbs in the composition: tiger, Japanese mountaineer root, Baikal skullcap, green tea leaves and licorice root. This cocktail is designed to soothe the skin and be beneficial to inflammation. And the manufacturers also promise that the product for the top five copes not only with everyday makeup, but also with waterproof cosmetics.

Yves rocher

RUB 880

A micellar gel that can be used in place of your usual cleanser (and of course should be rinsed off after application). The micelles here are paired with boreal tea powder, which mattifies the skin and dries up inflammation. One but – for skin prone to dryness, the product may not work.


RUB 1000

It is customary to love Kiehl’s cosmetics for their simple formulations and the almost complete absence of annoying fragrances. For the Russian winter, the brand has released a dense nourishing cream in an airtight – and therefore hygienic – package. From the hits of the brand in winter, you should pay attention to the soft micellar water with lemon balm and thyme essential oil. It works well with medium-wear makeup and does not tighten the skin.


RUB 599

An inexpensive Korean brand succeeds in universal cleansers, serums and creams for different skin types, as well as simple micellar water. The product does not promise miracles, but it does an excellent job with its main functions: it gently and quickly removes makeup (including waterproof, but it will take more time) and does not feel on the skin after use.


1649 RUB

The French brand Avène, based on thermal water from the region of the same name, specializes in cosmetics for demanding skin – be it increased dryness, active production of sebum or a tendency to inflammation. This product is just for those who want to remove shine and sudden redness that creeps out without a declaration of war.


332 rbl.

A cute eco-label from St. Petersburg appeared in 2013, when its founders Leonid and Victoria thought about a modest choice of cosmetics for children on the Russian market. Over time, household chemicals, a line for animals and adult cosmetics were added to children’s products. Soft micellar with chamomile extract promises to soothe irritations, which is especially important in winter, when even the most stable skin throws out tricks due to dry air and icy wind outside.

The body shop

RUB 970

The Body Shop micellar would be just a basic cleansing water, if not for the chamomile extract in the composition. Due to it, the product is designed to soothe the skin. In order not to tempt fate once again, apply the product with a cotton pad not with massaging movements, but with the lightest pats.


RUB 1,500

Another brand that targets an audience with moody skin. And it wins, given that almost everyone has their own nuances – be it acne, a tendency to redness, dryness, and further down the list. But in the case of this micellar, we are talking primarily about oily and combination skin prone to acne. The product gently cleanses, and also boasts the mark “non-comedogenic”.

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