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The last month of summer, which means bare arms, legs and collarbones – a reason to try makeup not only for the face, but also for the body: when, if not now, sprinkle glitter on the ankles and paint pictures on the body. Moore Soboleva has collected eleven products that will help turn her own body into a canvas.

Glitter Glow Me

RUB 1000

A charming start-up – glitter of Russian production, which, not on trifles, are poured into large jars (100 grams in a package) – compare with tiny packages and their prices from large brands. Glitter works well on any wet base – for example, on a body cream. You can draw a choker or bracelets with them (stick tape so that the lines are even), you can mess with stencils or make a beautiful gradient – the brand’s instagram is full of ideas that you just want to repeat. Glitter on your face can be used just as well. In the coming month, the brand promises to release a new line of “Ultra” – the same glitter, but no longer loose, but immediately mixed with a liquid base: painting with radiance will become even easier.

Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines Bronzer Cream

2590 RUB

The most popular (and ingenious) matte bronzer Hoola spawned a whole line of products – in particular, this gel bronzer for the body. When squeezed out of a bottle with a flirty skirt, it looks eerily brown – but spreads perfectly over the skin, leaving a light, non-red tan. A convenient round sponge is hidden in the “skirt”: if you apply the product all over the body, it may seem too small, but if you just want to cover your pale legs with bronzer, it will be very useful.

Highlighter Sergey Naumov Aurora

2460 RUB

Russian make-up artist Sergei Naumov is persistently and progressively conquering the beauty market: several times a year he consistently releases very high-quality novelties and diligently expands distribution. His drip highlighter Aurora is the star of the line: Naumov maintains a balance of delicate radiance and bright shine and makes multifunctional products that are easy to mix with foundation, layering or, conversely, blend in, apply on the face, collarbones and body. This summer, the third shade was released in the series – a cold pink silver Rose Nacre.

Foundation MAC Face & Body Foundation

2990 RUB

One of the iconic means of the IAS, created, according to legend, for models at fashion shows – to prepare their bodies for the demonstration of all that is naked. This tone is adored for its total versatility: it works equally well for oily and dry skin, the light water-based texture can be applied in a thin layer or layered until completely covered, and it also blends well with the skin. It is convenient for them not only to paint over irregularities on the body, but also, for example, to even out the color of the neck, which is usually lighter than our face.

Highlighter Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer

370 rbl.

The brands of the concern Cosnova, Essence and Catrice, in a large mass market, are most sensitive to trends: the brands release seasonal collections monthly, play with fashionable textures and constantly try new things, allowing their customers to satisfy their need for the unusual for modest amounts. Light Correcting Drip Highlighters are claimed to be primers and really do great at this, highlighting the foundation beautifully. But no one bothers to use them on the body – especially if you prefer a soft, rather than hitting the eyes, shine.

Inglot Body Sparkles

RUB 1000

Inglot was one of the earliest to create a line of multichromic loose pigments – long before this texture became widespread. They can be used for the body, but the brand also has a special line of Body Sparkles: very shiny glitter of beautiful colors and very fine grinding. True, there is only 1 gram in a jar – you cannot sprinkle your legs, but on the collarbones it will look very good as an accent.

Make Up For Ever Artist Color Pencil

1410 RUB

The newest launch of Make Up For Ever, which in the past few years has intensified and updated literally their entire range. Pencils Aqua XL, which the brand introduced only two years ago, the brand is now discontinuing production almost completely, leaving only the basic shades – the Artist Color Pencil is now responsible for the color, designed as artistic pencils and adapted for use on the entire surface of the skin. You can draw arrows with them (including red and pink), you can outline the lips or draw on the body – the pencils are soft, bright and durable.

Highlighter L’Oréal Paris Glow Mon Amour

RUB 679

Recently, the brand released a highlighter, as if created for instagram – a super-trendy drip texture and a metallic shine, as Nikkie Tutorials loves. Both shades – Lighter Sparkling Love and Loving Peach tan – look great on all exposed areas of the body both individually and when mixed. The highlighter is so radiant and bright that you can not save it and apply generously even on your feet: for that very shine, a small drop is enough, so in any case it will end only an eternity later.

Miami Tattoos

from 150 rubles.

The successful project of Margarita Koroleva, who until recently worked as the beauty director of Vogue, is the Miami Tattoos. This is a rare brand that has conquered both the masses and a spoiled audience: the brand stands both in luxury stores and in drag stores, makes collaborations with contemporary artists and tattoo artists, and works to order. The charm of Miami Tattoos is in the variety of choice, while the brand’s uniform style is visible: the brand loves graphics and watercolors and makes delicate, non-aggressive designs (although it also flirts with this genre). Temporary tattoos look great everywhere – and help you figure out if you want to permanently tattoo your body.

Bronzer Wycon All Over

1849 RUB in Wycon stores

The huge Wycon round is boldly called All Over, although it should be used as a powder, unless you want to be covered with glitter all over the perimeter (why not). These are warm highlighter bronzers with large hardcore glitter, which are mixed into a homogeneous radiant base: depending on the brush and diligence, you can make a slight shine, or you can dazzle. The product gives a slight tanning effect, but does not overdo it, therefore it is suitable even for people with pale skin. The package contains 20 grams – enough for cheekbones, arms, and girlfriends.

Organic Kitchen Sunny Touch Radiant Body Cream

RUB 350 at Organic Shop stores

Organic Kitchen was so impressed by the success of the hydrophilic balm made in collaboration with Adel Miftakhova that they decided to launch a huge collaboration with instadives – there will be as many as thirty people (and thirty cans). The first sixteen came out this summer. Judging by the result, the girls most of all miss the body creams with radiance – several of these have been released. The most pleasant is Sunny Touch, invented by stylist Sandra Istomina: this is a successful nourishing cream with sparkles that are noticeable enough to be used before a walk, and at the same time moderately delicate – they will not remain on the sheet if you apply the product before bed.

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