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Fashion for the 90s does not subside either on the catwalks or in the world of cosmetics. Surely in this decade you were the happy owner of a mood ring – according to legend, thanks to this “magic” accessory, it was possible to understand when a person is happy or angry. And even though today everyone has already figured out the simple principle of the operation of such jewelry, sometimes you still want to brighten up everyday life with practical magic. Green CC cream, freckle spray, black blush – showing them and other cool things that magically change color.

Lipstick Queen Black Lace Rabbit Blush

£ 22

In the package, this blush looks gothic, but in fact it is the most common pink color. Be careful! Rabbit Blush are the durability champions. It may even be on hand if you are going to dance all night in the club, but they do not admit the right to make a mistake: if you miss, you will have to wash off all the makeup. So we recommend applying them with a sponge or with your fingers, adding a little to the skin. And if you want a truly black (okay, dark blueberry) blush, we can offer the versatile Rituel de Fille Inner Glow Crème Pigment in Eclipse.

Lipstick Catrice Tinted Lip Glow Balm

RUB 399

All the magic of emerging lip products is in one pigment called “27 red”. By itself, this pigment has no color, but when it reacts with the pH of our skin, it rapidly turns pink. There are many transparent lipsticks that appear on the lips with fuchsia on the market – for example, a decent budget option can be found at Catrice.

Top Coat Bow Nail Polish Colorblind

350 RUB

Old members of the legendary LJ community dedicated to nails and manicure remember the past hype for nail polishes that change their shade when the temperature changes. Ten years ago, you could buy these at every crossing. Now thermo lacquers can still be found on the Internet – for example, such a Bow topcoat. It almost does not affect the color of the varnish under it, but in the cold the tips of the nails turn black, as if you painted them like that.

Erborian CC Red Correct Correcting Cream

RUB 1,700

Erborian has always succeeded in facial tinting products, even if it’s a sheet mask (what? Yes!). The novelty – CC-cream – is no exception. You squeeze it out of the tube – it’s grassy green. Distribute over the skin – it changes color to beige. Magic! His masking is exactly what is required: the cream evens out the tone of the face, hides redness and minor inflammation and does not at all emphasize the texture of the skin. The shade, however, is only one. The brand positions it as universal, but if you are dark or, conversely, Snow White is, alas, not for you.

Loose Pigment MAC in Blue Brown

1720 RUB

Technically, this pigment does not change color – it is already two-tone, it just looks different depending on how much light hits it. Duochrome shadows are one of the easiest ways to make makeup festive: you can apply them on the eyelids in the old fashioned way and add an arrow or colored mascara, but in general, on cloudy days like now, you want to completely cover your hands with such pigment and admire them all day. The widest selection of shades is from the American indie brand Dawn Eyes Cosmetics, in Russia something similar can be found in MAC stores.

Magical multitasking pigments Unseen

Pricing not yet announced

Dazed Beauty calls Unseen founder Lauren Bowker a witch, and for good reason. Bowker first invented and created a hair dye that changes color depending on temperature, and recently she presented her new invention – magical cosmetic pigments. Those from the Atmos Spheres series react to changes in temperature; Soul Shades pigments show their color when applied to the skin, and Helio Veil spray paints you translucent freckles that brighten when the rays of the sun hit them. As Lauren herself says, she is inspired by ghosts, magic, diseases and the aura of the people around her. It is not yet possible to buy Unseen products, but you can subscribe to the newsletter on the official website of the brand to try them first.

PHOTO: Catrice, Space NK, Lakodom, Erborian, MAC

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