Some summer beauty products – not a whim, but an actual necessity. At least, almost all cosmetologists agree that it is especially important to use Sanskrins at this time of the year. What else can help you survive the heat? We have collected for you the main products that you will surely need here and now.

10 after-sun soothing & emollient

Prolonged exposure to the sun is stressful for the skin, so after the beach, additional care products – soothing and softening gels, lotions and creams – will not interfere. We will tell you which ones to pay attention to.


What to do if you still burn out in the sun

If the burn is severe, it makes sense to consult a dermatologist. If not, then the most important thing is to leave the skin alone: ​​do not rub it, do not scratch peeling, do not use strong exfoliants (as a rule, they advise to postpone any, but some doctors allow the use of products with lactic acid), do not touch blisters and do not resort to folk remedies like butter – it will only get worse. And we have prepared some cosmetic tips and recommendations.


Chill: 9 face and body products with a cooling effect

The easiest way to experience plus 35 degrees in the city is by the water (though not everyone can work from the pool) or under air conditioning. We have collected 9 more topical products that have a mild cooling effect. They are able to bring temporary relief, but we also advise not to forget about a cold shower and maintaining water balance (it is better to drink at least two liters of water in the heat).


Climate control: 10 cooling scents for hot summers

On the occasion of the abnormal heat, we have chosen the freshest, freezing aromas, which can make it a little easier, at least on the level of self-conviction. And remember that in such weather, perfumes, especially those that are stored in non-darkened glass, are especially important to keep in the dark. But you don’t need to send them to the refrigerator – unexpected temperature drops are much more harmful than heat for perfumery.


Take care of yourself: 10 gentle body scrubs

If in the fall and winter we often turn to acid peels, then in the summer, during the period of active sun, it’s time to remember about mechanical exfoliation – that is, scrubs. We have selected 10 worthy products that are gentle and gentle, but effective.


Heather, roses and jungle: 7 best perfumes this summer

Together with the summer rains, a wave of new – good and different – spirits overtook us. We chose several, thanks to which we will remember this summer as very fragrant.


Protection Needed: 15 Sunscreens for Urban Use

Today, cosmetologists agree that it is necessary to use Sanskrins, especially if you burn out easily, get covered with freckles and / or use products with active ingredients, such as retinol or acids, in your care. We have selected 15 sunscreens, which easily combine pleasant application, good sun protection and additional caring qualities.


What to buy in the summer: 15 cosmetic collections and launches

We compiled a guide of various and beautiful new products – we chose languid bronzers, interesting shadows and luxurious lipsticks for every taste and for every mood.


Beach Waves: 10 Sea Salt Hair Texturizers

We tell you where to look for texturizing sea salt sprays and remind you not to overdo it with salt products – if used too often, they can dry your hair.


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