Perfume brand Byredo showed a collection of combs made from the horns of a wild bull zebu, a material rich in keratin and therefore beneficial to the condition of the hair. The line includes five combs of various shapes and sizes dedicated to the most influential women in the history of Africa – from the female pharaoh Hatshepsut to the ruler of the state of Ndongo and Matamba Zinga Mbandi Ngola. Combs range in price from $ 110 to $ 145 and will soon be available in Byredo stores around the world and on the brand’s website.

In addition, Byredo has unveiled a collection of hair mini-mist with their iconic fragrances: Blanche, La Tulipe, Flowerhead, Bal d’Afrique, Mojave Ghost and Gypsy Water – a set of three for $ 120.

Cover: Byredo

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