Comedian Arina Lolaeva was harassed because of a joke about Ossetian women, which comedian Alexander Ni joked about her address during their joint performance during Roast Battle-2020. It is reported by “Dozhd” (recognized as a foreign agent. – Approx. ed.) In particular, Ni compared Lolaeva’s genitals with an Ossetian pie.

Due to threats and insults, the girl was forced to publish two videos with apologies. “I lost my job, many people turned away from me, I lost my homeland,” she said. – Sasha [Ни] I had no idea that he was touching some holy sacred things, and it is purely my fault that I did not convey this to him and did not stop it, and allowed this video to appear on the network. ” Also, the video was recorded by Alexander Ni himself.

This is not the last time comedians and comics have been harassed for their jokes. Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs recognized the stay of stand-up comedian Idrak Mirzalizade in the country as “undesirable” for life because of a joke about the Russian people – later he appealed the decision of the department. You can read about the comics’ attitude to the Idrak situation here.

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