The HiPO platform, in partnership with the online psychotherapy portal Zigmund.Online, launched the Helpline psychological care project in honor of World Mental Health Day. The work of the service is aimed at destigmatizing mental disorders and providing effective tools for dealing with mental problems. The sessions will be led by professional psychologists-psychotherapists with more than three years of private practice experience.

“The level of stress, anxiety and mental problems is skyrocketing. The task of a modern person is to learn how to maintain the quality of life and well-being by preemptively integrating taking care of one’s mental health into an ordinary routine, without waiting for the situation to become critical, says Sophia Kofmann, CEO of HiPO. “Helpline gives people the opportunity to experience such an effective support tool as psychotherapy.”

You can learn more about the project by following the link. From October 10 to November 10, service employees will randomly select people every day who will receive two free consultations.

COVER: Unsplash

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