I think the main difference between a perfume brand is a more complicated paperwork and production procedure. Unlike cosmetics, perfumes in Russia cannot be created in their own laboratories; you need to organize contract production with a plant that has a license to work with alcohol. Otherwise, market conditions are not very different: ingredients are purchased mainly abroad, distribution channels are similar.

Perfume is a more expensive and emotional purchase. The question of the quality of ingredients in the production of perfumery is of fundamental importance: it is better to spend time searching, testing and selecting the best oils than to understand later that the purchased raw materials should not be used. There are several companies in Russia that import synthetic molecules from large international corporations, such as Givaduan, IFF, Firmenich. They purchase large volumes of these substances, bottle them in small bottles, and sell them at an affordable price. You can also buy directly from the manufacturer, but then you have to take a lot at once.

As for natural ingredients – essential oils, absolutes, CO2-extracts – they had to be looked for all over the world. In Russia, such oils are mainly of “bath quality” and are very different from those used in perfumery, and there is almost no choice. Nevertheless, we have found an enthusiast who makes wonderful oils from Russian plants, and we buy Altai poplar bud oil from him. In general, today we work with suppliers of natural ingredients from Italy and France, who, in turn, cooperate with small producers from all over the world – from Madagascar to Canada. Plus we have established contact with a family in India that has been producing oils for over two hundred years.

In order to find your buyer, it is important to be open, not to be afraid to write and send samples to those you like. So we started to cooperate with stores in Hong Kong, USA, Europe and, of course, in Russia and the CIS. After the perfume was on the shelves of several stores, others themselves begin to show interest – this is how the snowball begins to grow. It turned out that the phrase “Russian perfumer” is of great interest to the Western public. For them, this is something unexpectedly new, unusual.

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