Mallets are gaining popularity – they can be seen both on the catwalks and simply among bright and free young people. This haircut has not appeared on the covers of magazines for a long time, because its peak was in the 70s and 90s, but, for example, in Germany we can still see “encapsulated” mallets on people of our parents’ age, because in the years when they were young, this haircut was very popular. This hairstyle has been present in history for a very long time, partly due to its convenience – for example, the fishermen liked it, since the hair did not get into the eyes, and the neck was protected from the cold. In the 1980s, mallets were very fashionable in the LGBT community, and women wore these haircuts to show equality with men.

Such a haircut can look cool and modern if the length is chosen correctly, but even very contrasting and “authentic” options take place – for example, they can be painted in some bright color or gradient to show the full texture of such a haircut. A prime example is Billie Eilish and her black and green mullet, turning into a long tail.

It’s great to do this haircut with a razor so that the edges are torn. It can be laid in different ways – for example, the lower part can be wrapped with a conical curling iron or, conversely, straightened with an iron to create texture. The “hat” on top can also be wrapped, thereby creating a texture of voluminous and disheveled curls like Courtney Love. I also like the version of Mylene Farmer – she collected her mallet in a ponytail at the back of her head, tying it with a black ribbon, as if she was a musketeer. It seems to me that today this option will also look beautiful – you can tie your hair with a beautiful ribbon or collect a voluminous “shell” on the back of your head with tousled hair near your face.

What I like about this haircut is that it gives its owner complete freedom – including from the need to comply with conventional beauty standards. Mallet is, first of all, freedom, a challenge. Not everyone is ready for such a haircut.

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