I started painting last year when I was fourteen, but I stopped due to lack of time, energy and – mainly – desire. A year later, I became seriously interested in makeup, and although I do not paint very brightly, I like to create something new to suit my mood. I don’t wear smoky, very bright colors or glitters – I prefer nude and brown-burgundy shades, arrows or dark lipsticks.

I do not consider makeup to be something obligatory, on the contrary. For me, makeup is just an additional touch to my image, a way of self-expression. Sometimes I make arrows, and sometimes I prefer dark lipstick, but sometimes I don’t want to paint at all – then I accentuate with jewelry or clothes. For me, the main thing in makeup is that I feel comfortable and that I like myself. I really like to highlight the eyes – in my opinion, they are unusual for me. Either I paint them with dark burgundy matte shadows, or I draw long arrows. I love non-standard techniques – for example, over a thin black arrow, sometimes I bring out additional creamy pearl shadows.

I have a lot of makeup, but mostly it is quite bright and shiny: I participate in dance competitions and stage makeup is necessary there. In my life, I use one matte palette, lipstick and black eyeliner with a thin brush. I like it when makeup emphasizes a person’s individuality, and does not become a mask worn on top, behind which the face itself is not visible. I cannot say which I like better – when there is a lot of makeup on the face or when there is little: it depends on the person’s appearance, his feelings, style and the purposes for which he uses makeup.

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