The Russian brand Organic Kitchen has presented a new collaboration – this time it is a product created together with the curly blogger and creator of the So and Go telegram channel Alexandra Sheveleva. The result of this collaboration is an invisible curl gel.

“The So and Go gel is not based on rigid polymers (like Taft and most gels in Russian stores), but hydroxyethyl cellulose is a water-soluble gelling agent that is used in gel formulations by the best curly brands (Innersense and Curly World). Thanks to him, the gel does not stick the hair, it is easily washed off and does not create a plastic crust. It honestly holds the curl shape for two days (I tested different samples for several months) and does not dry it. Naturally, there are no simple alcohols and silicones in the gel. Aloe vera gel and rice protein are used as humectants. To curl the curl – flaxseed, ”says Alexandra. The gel will soon appear in Organic Shop stores and will cost 357 rubles.

Photo: Organic kitchen

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