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Face painting is associated primarily with children’s holidays, happy visitors of which are painted like tigers or butterflies. However, in 2020, beauty products that need to be activated with water have been adopted by many beauty bloggers and makeup enthusiasts. These products are sold under a dozen name variations from “hydra liner”, “water activated liner” and “wet liner” to “cake liner”. All of them, however, imply the same thing with the same principle of action and identical composition.

The format is not for nothing that the beauty community fell in love. The formula of the product allows you to vary the texture and density of the shade, so with the help of one can you can achieve both a watercolor effect and draw clear bright lines. The general use process is very similar to traditional paint painting. In addition, face painting implies a high level of hygiene and an almost infinite shelf life – which is important, because the consumption of products is modest.

The main disadvantage is that such products are not waterproof: they flow from the rain and are washed off with one wave of a napkin. In addition, attempts to shade the product with a brush, as is usually done with shadows, will be doomed to failure, and it cannot be applied to the mucous membranes of the eyes – the pigment will simply creep away. We have collected eight proven eyeliners in different price segments that you can buy or order in Russia.

Glow in the Dark Pastel Eyeliner Glam Vice Cosmetics Pastel UV Retro Liner

$ 45 per set or $ 8 per can

On the brand’s website, you can find eyeliners of any shade: from classic indigo to your favorite neons. The launch of pastels seriously excited the beauty community – everything sold out in the first few hours after launch. Thanks to the trend for delicate and soft colors! While fans wait for a new shipment, you can admire some cool makeup on Instagram Glam Vice for inspiration before you buy. The products are also vegan and not tested on animals.

Wet Liner Glisten Cosmetics

£ 6

Glisten Cosmetics has made a name for itself as the brand that makes the best biodegradable glitters, and in December 2019, the first eyeliners to be activated with water were added to the range. Prices remain one of the most pleasant on the market – up to 600 rubles without a discount for one refill. Twelve cans of different shades are now available on the site for pre-order – the first batches were snapped up in a few days. Fresh delivery is expected in early April, and today they just launched new pastel eyeliners.

Diamond FX Mini Neon 6 Color Palette

669 r

“Euphoria” has seriously spurred the general interest in neon eyeliners in makeup. The most inexpensive option to try this on yourself and in different shades at once is to buy the Diamond FX face painting palette. The packaging is not luxurious, but the set comes with a handy synthetic brush. All colors are easily mixed with each other, but white and black are missing for maximum convenience. An obvious plus is the speed of delivery. The official Russian retailer is based in St. Petersburg, so you don’t have to wait three or four weeks for the coveted package.

RMS Beauty Vintage Cake Liner Baked Black

$ 24

For those who are closer to the timeless classics, there is RMS Beauty. The liner-cake exists only in one shade – deep black – and implies using in two ways at once: wet for graphic make-up and dry for blending into smokey. On the official website, such a formula is especially advised for people with a fat eyelid, because the eyeliner does not roll “to zero”, as is often the case, but is smeared beautifully and correctly.

The Gypsy Shrine x Mehron Paint Palette

RUB 2703

The Gypsy Shrine is a British brand known primarily for its glitter mixes and rhinestone stickers for all body parts. And Mehron makeup and special effects products have been used by beauty industry professionals for their creativity and work for many years. The collaboration between the two brands resulted in a palette of colors that you can mix any shades from – plus a brush and a large, comfortable mirror. Important: make-ups made with this palette will not glow in ultraviolet light, so for festivals and clubs it is better to take a closer look at other eyeliners from the selection.

Suva Beauty Hydra Liner

901 RUB

The most popular bank on Instagram and the most beloved by bloggers when it comes to acid colors. Good volume, lightweight and easy to mix packaging. When buying, you should carefully look at the name: the Hydra FX line (including neon ones) is not advised to be used in the eye area according to FDA recommendations, but the standard Hydra Liners are completely safe. Not all shades glow in ultraviolet light, but the choice is still rich. The last launch, the Hyper Color palette, is better to be bypassed: there are few reviews, and those that exist speak of not the best quality. Spoiler alert: YouTube bloggers figured out that
UV shades from it do not glow at all.

Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner

£ 19.50

The only luxury product that really stands out from its peers in its segment. At first, it was positioned as a means for “headlining” – staining the space between the eyelashes to visually make the eyelashes thicker. So far, they offer four universal colors: blue, black, gray and brown. Only green and purple are missing, so that any eye color can be emphasized, which is what buyers write about on the official website. An ideal product for those who cannot tame traditional liquid and gel eyeliners or cannot achieve a straight line due to the shape of the eyelid.

Ben Nye Cake Eye Liner

$ 10

Another professional makeup brand whose products for daily use will not disappoint either. Ben Nye’s eyeliner cake is called the budget analogue of Laura Mercier – in general, it is fair, unless we are talking about black, which looks grayish. But electric blue, all variations of brown and gray-brown are a real delight. By the way, in the assortment it will be easy to find the color that is ideal for use both on the eyes and on the eyebrows at the same time: the range of natural shades is very wide.

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