In Turkmenistan, cases of persecution of queer people, in particular, homosexual men, have become more frequent. This was reported by Mediazona. Central Asia “(recognized as a foreign agent. – Note ed.). According to the newspaper, on October 2, in the Lepab velayat, the police detained and interrogated male companies that were sitting together in a car or spending time together. Also, local security forces prohibit two men from staying in one hotel room, and in the country itself there is a criminal article for men for homosexuality – the accused face up to two years in prison.

At the moment, many homosexuals are trying to flee the country in the hope of avoiding persecution by the authorities. “Everyone who has ever been exposed to this, or, so to speak, is on a note, they all hope to quickly leave the country. Even those who have never been on the list, registered, did not go through prisons – these people know that this is all for the time being. The day will come when they will come for them. And they don’t want that, they want to live freely, ”says editor-in-chief Ruslan Myatiev about the state of the queer community.

You can read more about the life and problem of LGBTQ + people in Turkmenistan here. Earlier in Britain, Olympic champion and openly gay Tom Daley proposed to ban countries that criminalize homosexual relations from participating in the Olympic Games. “I believe that one should not be allowed to participate in sports events of the country, which take away from people their unconditional rights,” he said. “I will push for this decision.”

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