Hwhat can be done with a pair of invisibles and how to diversify the usual bunches and tails? Famous hair bloggers show simple styling, and stylist Anna Portkova shares her beauty hacks.

Anna Portkova

Anna Portkova


Nowadays, sloppy hairstyles are relevant – this is into the hands of those who do not want to use auxiliary tools, be it a combs or a hairdryer. Such styling is good on vacation, but even in the city you can collect your hair so that no one will guess that you spent less than a minute on getting ready. What you need in the summer!

My main beauty hacks: a voluminous ponytail (pull your hair into a ponytail and pull out a couple of strands with your hands to create the effect of slight carelessness) and a high bun (you can do it in the middle of the day, and at the end, loose your hair and get a light wave without the help of a curling iron). Even if you don’t have a styling product on hand, you can fix your hair with water – it also works and gives the hair texture. And the strands can literally be tied into knots or twisted into bundles, collecting at the crown. Such hairstyles look great with shatush and sombre stains (about what it is and why it replaced ombre on the pedestal of fame, read here).

Using a foam or salt spray, you can make the effect of damp hair. For this hairstyle, stylists usually use a hairdryer with a diffuser, but you can dry the strands naturally.

High beam

Beauty blogger from the Netherlands Sara Angius teaches millions of subscribers to make fashionable braids and buns in 5 minutes – this is exactly how much time she spends on most of her hairstyles. The girl also most often does not use a hairdryer, a comb and a styler. The only caveat is Sarah’s thick long hair, which earned her the 2018 Hair Icon Award.

In the video below, the girl shows how to make a high bun, having an elastic band and a pair of invisibility on hand!

Wet hair effect

So far, we are only dreaming of the sea, but this does not mean that we cannot create for ourselves that very atmosphere in the city. We recommend Sarah’s super quick hairstyle. All you need is the Source Essentielle Dry Hair Balm mask from L’Oréal Professionnel (in Russia the Source series is not represented, but you can to order with Feel Unique, for example) and a warm towel. The main feature of the mask is that it is suitable for all types of hair and reanimates dry damaged strands without weighing them down.

Low beam

One hair tie and four invisible hairstyles is an equally versatile hairstyle for leisure, work and evening out. Bravo Sarah!

Bulky tail

American blogger Missy Sue clearly and in detail shows how to make hairstyles that are complex at first glance, using only invisibility and elastic bands. One of the fashionable options is a low ponytail and a voluminous braid, secured with a bright scarf. Missy made hairstyle in 2:13 minutes. How much will you meet?

Low bun on long hair

The simplest hairstyle for long hair from UK blogger Lydia. The girl twisted her hair into a neat bun, securing it with invisibility. But those around you will definitely not guess about it!

Before doing the bun, Lydia combed her hair with a comb, but if you have straight, naturally smooth hair, you don’t even need to do this.

Low bun with a scarf

Star stylist Christine Ess works with Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale, and on Instagram teaches girls to do simple and unusual hairstyles for short and long hair. In the video, Christine shows how to make an unusual bun using a regular scarf. To help – only a couple of invisibles.

Hairpins styling

Christine loves hairpins! One of her favorite brands is New York Lelet! Their hair jewelry can be seen on the red carpet like the Met Gala. The photo below is an example of the simplest styling with decorations. Girls with curly hair don’t have to do anything at all! (even more hair accessories – by link).

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