4 conditions under which you cannot use beauty gadgets for the face


Any beauty gadget can tell by heart about the most fashionable beauty gadgets. Cleansing brushes, ultrasonic cleansing gadgets, rollers and massagers – many beauty treatments can be done from the comfort of your home. But there are contraindications that you need to know about in order not to make the skin worse. BeautyHack.ru and Irina Tkacheva, a cosmetologist at the TORI clinic of aesthetic medicine, will tell you, under certain conditions, you should not use fashionable beauty gadgets at home.

Beauty gadgets for home use are divided into two groups:

Energy-using gadgets are devices that use any of the known types of energy: ultrasound, microcurrents, radio frequencies

Gadgets without the use of energy – facial brushes (the so-called “brushes”), rollers, gua sha plates, with which massage is performed.

RF gadgets

Thermolifting gadgets, that is, those that use radio frequencies, cannot be used for people with manifestations of rosacea, as well as for those whose face turns red very quickly. It is better for this category of users not to warm up the skin, as this can aggravate the vascular problem.

For gadgets that use energy (thermolifting, radio frequencies), it is recommended to use polarized means – ampoules, because they are created specifically for physiotherapy. The formula of the composition of such funds is stable, which means that all these active ingredients will be delivered to the skin.

Facial brushes

Facial cleansing brushes are not recommended for those who have violated the epidermal barrier of the skin, that is, the skin is vulnerable and reacts quickly to water (dries quickly) when tingling occurs when using any means. The priority in this case should be a calm condition of the skin, and not “cleaned” pores in the area of ​​the nose. Opt for a milder cleanse and put off experimenting with facial cleansing brushes.

Beauty gadgets during pregnancy

While expecting a baby, you can use gadgets without using energy – first of all, rollers. These beauty devices help reduce tissue swelling and facial swelling, which often occurs in the second half of pregnancy. Rollers improve microcirculation, even out complexion and reduce swelling. Gadgets that work with energy cannot be used by pregnant girls – regardless of the term.

The main contraindications when using gadgets

Damage to the integrity of the skin

One of the main contraindications for the use of beauty devices is damage to the skin – abrasions, scratches, healing irritations on the skin, inflammation.

It is recommended to wait until the skin lesions “heal” and only then move on to using a beauty gadget.

Make-up and poorly cleansed skin

An important point of using any face gadget is skin cleansing. You can cleanse with any means suitable for the type of skin – milk, foam, gel, mousse for washing. And only after cleansing the skin, you can start working with the gadget. The idea of ​​making an express massage with ready-made makeup, for example, using a cold roller, to reduce swelling and “refresh” the face will increase microcirculation and increase the likelihood of inflammatory processes in the skin.

Lack of a systematic approach

The use of devices for the face is one of the course procedures, so it is important to observe the frequency of beauty rituals. It is necessary to observe both the intervals between procedures and between courses, the number of procedures and their duration. This moment is especially important for beauty gadgets that use any kind of energy. Despite home use, as in any physiotherapy, periodicity is also important here, because you cannot constantly use, for example, microcurrents or ultrasonic cleaning gadgets.

Cosmetology procedures

Beauty gadgets cannot be used immediately after the procedures performed in the beautician’s office. Moreover, it can be both medical procedures – such as injections of botulinum toxin and correction with fillers, as well as peels, cleansing. Earlier than two weeks after the cosmetic procedures, it is not recommended to start using any gadget. So, for example, with the help of a gua sha massage, fillers that have recently been introduced during the procedure can be displaced.