5 new beauty brands to watch out for


Despite the pandemic, several beauty brands have appeared this year and last. The cosmetic line was launched by the singer Selena Gomez, the global retail middle segment Zara and the luxury brand Valentino. Two more interesting local launches did not go unnoticed – the American Versed, which relied on professional care for everyone, and the Russian brand likelikeorganic with interesting universal products. But the success of all these five companies lies in the fact that their products meet eco standards and are as safe as possible for the environment (this has recently become very important). Plus, each has its own mission and philosophy, which is also very captivating.

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Zara beauty

In early May 2021, news appeared on the Zara website that the brand now has a full-fledged beauty collection. On the same day, the start of sales all over the world was announced – on May 12, in online stores at zara.com.

Interestingly, a beauty star, makeup artist Diana Kendal, worked on the collection. She previously collaborated with Marc Jacobs Beauty and Tom Ford Beauty, and focused on shades in the development of Zara Beauty.

“We aimed to create a collection that anyone would want to use, regardless of gender, skin color, age or personal style,” Eva Lopez, director of Zara Beauty, told American Vogue. “Both those who prefer natural make-up and those who like to experiment with bright colors will find the right shades and textures.”

The creators also noted that in the line you can find everything you need – from decorative cosmetics to makeup brushes and nail polishes. And one more bonus – environmental friendliness: the products have not been tested on animals, they contain the most natural ingredients, the packaging is biodegradable and do not harm nature. Plus, almost every tool has or will soon have refiles.

Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty is a product of singer and actress Selena Gomez. For the first time, the star spoke about the launch of her own beauty line in February 2020, and in September of the same year she launched it on sale in the USA, Canada and Mexico. But she promised that soon girls and women all over the world will be able to use her cosmetics. And, it seems, he keeps his word: starting from July 1, 2021, beauty products from Selena can be bought in our country – in Sephora and Ile de Beaute stores, as well as online.

The assortment includes foundations, makeup palettes, blush, shadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, eyebrow pencils. In general, everything you need for your daily make-up. But the main philosophy of the brand is “to help everyone to emphasize their individuality”. In an interview, Gomez reiterates that she took part in the creation of each product and wanted her cosmetics to emphasize the dignity, and not to help create makeup on her face. That is why the collection relies on natural shades (by the way, the foundation has 48 of them!) And textures for every taste – both glossy and matte.

“These products are not about re-painting your face, being someone else, adjusting to other people’s expectations, but about being who you are. And it doesn’t matter if it is a bold makeup or its almost complete absence, “said the celebrity.

Another important fact about Rare Beauty: One percent of sales are donated to the Rare Impact charity, which deals with the availability of psychological assistance.

Valentino beauty

The news about the launch of Valentino Beauty has been around for a long time, the products have been created and tested for more than a year. But the result, which the creators shared on May 31, surpassed all expectations. The line has already been called incredibly beautiful, as are the outfits of the fashion house. All products are housed in scarlet cases with a golden V, but the textures and shades are no less impressive. So, in the tonal basis of Very Valentino there are caring components, and Rosso Valentino lipsticks have 50 options for every taste.

Another bonus of new products is a tribute to ecology: all products are biodegradable. Among them there are also universal products that make shopping more conscious: for example, everyone especially praises the Eye2Cheek shade blush.

But the main bestseller of the brand is powder on a gold chain, which can be worn as an accessory!

The only negative is that Valentino Beauty is not for sale in our country yet. You can follow the news on the brand’s Instagram (@ valentino.beauty) or on the site valentino-beauty.com.


Versed is a little over a year old (the brand appeared on the shelves of US hypermarkets in May 2020), but more than 260 thousand Instagram users have already subscribed to it. Also, only positive reviews on the network can be found about the brand’s products. Perhaps, two factors played on this: firstly, the compositions of the products are completely environmentally friendly, and, secondly, they are budgetary (prices vary from 700 to 2000 rubles).

The company’s mission is also impressive: “To make quality skin care affordable for everyone.” With this slogan, the manufacturers wanted to support those who, due to the pandemic, were left without work, were forced to cut costs.

The assortment includes products for face and body: peels, scrubs, creams, serums, sunscreens, oils, lip balms. There is a separate line of products for men.

Manufacturers also made sure that everyone could find the right product for themselves online. To do this, you need to pass a test on the versedskin.com website, according to the results of which the system will select the right care for you. Questions, by the way, are related not only to the type of skin, in the questionnaire you need to indicate the age, climate of the place of residence, the rhythm of life. And this is especially credible.

It is possible to order products to Russia in online stores (for example, through cultbeauty.com).


The Russian brand Likelikeorganic also appeared at the height of the pandemic – at the end of last year. The founder of the brand, Sofia Platonova, decided to create a brand that would not only be as environmentally friendly as possible (now the brand is in the process of obtaining the international COSMOS certificate), but also universal.

“I dreamed of creating one cream for everything: so that it cleanses and moisturizes, and is suitable for all skin types,” Sofia told her story (read more here). And she did it: a product with chickpeas and turmeric can work as a cleansing product, and as a peeling or mask, depending on how much to keep on the skin.

The line also includes creams, butters, hydrolates, scrubs and oils. But the main hit is the aroma candle, which can also be used for body care: when ignited, its wax becomes a moisturizing oil (it is applied to the body or added to the bath).

While the brand’s products can be bought at likelikeorganic.com, new items will appear in beauty salons and beauty corners in the near future.