29 August 2021

Have time while discounts: 7 lip glosses currently at special prices

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From Dior oil to Clinique sticks – we have found the most advantageous positions in online stores and we offer to make yourself a gift in the first half of August!

Lip oil Addict Lip Glow, Dior

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This oil is a hybrid of a care and decorative product. It is convenient to apply it on the lips with a wide applicator, there is a light pigment in the composition, so you will notice the shade. But in general, it will not differ significantly from the natural color, it will moisturize the lips well, will not create a film effect, but it will provide a comfortable shine.

Discounts are valid in the “Golden Apple” until August 15 – this oil is also there find

It was: RUB 2,890

Now: 1,734 rubles.

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Shimmering gloss High Shimmer Lip Gloss, Bobby Brown

We love the nude Bubbly and Bellini with mother-of-pearl. Despite the glitter in the composition, it is a natural and pleasant nude that expressively emphasizes the lips. If you are looking closely, make a purchase on the official website of Bobby Brown Russia – when registering and subscribing to the news, they give 15% discount

It was: RUB 2,490

Now: 2,116 rubles.

Lip gloss Blooming Edition Paradise Aurora Shine Lip Treatment, Dear Dahlia

Super photogenic case and coral shade inside – shine from the Korean brand Dear Dahlia. Due to the shining particles of different shades inside the lips, they will visually look bigger. Look for a 20% discount here

It was: RUB 2,690

Now: 2 152 rubles.

Lip varnish Vernis À Lèvres Water Stain, Yves Saint Laurent

Vernis Ă€ Lèvres Water Stain – a long-lasting varnish that gives the lips a deep shade and creates the effect of wet lips. It can be applied in multiple coats to achieve any degree of shine, from subtle to dazzling intense shine.

It was: RUB 3,120

Now: 1,560 rubles.

Lip gloss Phyto Lip Shine Sheer, Sisley

And this is a mix of lipstick and gloss. Not as radiant as the latter, but with a more intense color. V Rive Gauche there is a discount on the product and five more shades are available.

It was: RUB 3,400

Now: 2 299 rubles.

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Ultra-shining lip gloss Shimmer Gel, Shiseido

Light shine, contains Shea butter, due to the applicator, it is evenly and easily applied to the lips. Presented in ten bright summer shades – great!

Very big discount in Ile de Beaute.

It was: RUB 2 270

Now: 1,362 rubles.

Moisturizing lipstick-lip balm Chubby Stick, Clinique

It was: RUB 1,980

Now: 1 188 rubles.

Classic from Clinique. Convenient to take with you, easy to apply and adjust shade throughout the day. In a stick, all shades look brighter than on the lips, so you can not be afraid to choose the most saturated ones. Note that this is primarily a balm, which means it will not dry out the lips, as tints do, for example.

Ile de Beautet has it all shades

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