29 August 2021

Star makeup artist Irina Mitroshkina shared with BeautyHack.ru the irreplaceable means for the summer, which she uses herself. Her daily routine includes a cleansing toner, moisturizer, makeup, beauty gadgets and more.

“I believe that female beauty lies in transparency and naturalness,” says Irina Mitroshkina. – This is what men like most and it is easier. Girls, think about it! ”

Irina Mitroshkina (@irina_mitroshkina)

Irina Mitroshkina (@irina_mitroshkina)

Star makeup artist

– Summer cosmetics are best collected in one small universal box (suitcase), which combines basic care and decorative cosmetics. My top skincare products for summer are a cleansing gel / mousse, toner, light moisturizer, and UV protection with SPF. For additional lifting care, you can use special gadgets that perfectly tighten the skin, remove swelling and even tone (like gezatone and bork, Irina uses and recommends bork).


In summer, we sweat a lot, move more actively, and the skin, accordingly, becomes more dirty and needs to be thoroughly cleansed. Choose natural cleansers without silicones and sulfates, cleanse the skin in accordance with the regimen (morning and evening) and as needed (after a photo session, a date, a workout).

In such a hot season, it is advisable not to make the skin heavier, here it comes to the rescue tonic… It additionally cleanses and moisturizes the skin, so this is the second must-have of summer boxing.

Very important and SPF products… First, they protect the skin from overexposure to UV rays; secondly, they prevent the formation of age spots and the formation of skin cancer.


Summer makeup should be simple enough that you can do it yourself and with quality. Harmony is the main thing in the image.

It is better to start the make-up from the eyes. Ideal shades for summer are nude (not counting special occasions and evening outings), so go for palettes with the most natural tones. I prefer to work without applying a base, but before applying loose eyeshadow, I use a cream in a similar color. As far as the brand is concerned, I like NARS better.

Life hack: fix the loose eyeshadow with a creamy foundation, applying it in a thin layer. This will accentuate the shade and eliminate the possibility of lumps.

Powder – also an important attribute of a summer make-up bag. It is universal and can be used both in combination with other means, and separately. Let’s say you don’t have time even for the smallest make-up, powder comes to the rescue, which you can quickly use in a taxi, after a workout, at the airport. Choose natural tones, there are currently many compact powders with reflective particles and SPF filters specifically for the summer season. It remains to find your favorite.

Concealer is necessary in order to remove minor imperfections, age spots, comedones, without contaminating the skin. I use concealers from different brands, from Mac to Guerlain, but my favorite is Estee Lauder.

Tone cream it is better not to use it in summer, but if you have an important event, choose with a weightless, vitamin-enriched texture. This, for example, can be found at Estee Lauder.

Ultra-fine fine highlighter – radiance that further emphasizes facial features. I like face sculpting, but since in summer it is better to use cosmetics to a minimum, I recommend using a fine highlighter – it delicately illuminates the skin from the inside, gives it a healthy look and at the same time adds volume to the necessary areas of the face.

Lip gloss 100% must-have for any season. And in summer it can be used anywhere, even on the beach. You can also choose colorless.


I don’t like touching clients with my hands, let other makeup artists forgive me. Here are some must-have brushes:

  • tone brush;
  • bronzer / powder brush;
  • beveled eyebrow and arrow brush;
  • thin brush for delicate shading;
  • a brush for shading more sweeping;
  • brush for small details on the skin of the face (foundation and shiny structures);
  • lip and gradient brush (it can also be used to remove excess masses – it is universal);
  • brush for applying eyeshadow on the movable eyelid.