beauty products with a cooling effect that come in handy in the heat


This week they promise again at 30 degrees, so we arm ourselves with cosmetics with a cooling effect – sprays and mists for the morning, creams and masks for the evening. However, even if there is a cold snap later, these funds can be taken on vacation to a warm country, in many resorts (including Russian ones) the heat will last at least until October!

For face

Makeup base Sos Primer Icy, Clarins

New from Clarins in mint sorbet shade! Lightweight cooling texture based on mint essential oil and Anti-Pollution botanical complex moisturizes, prepares the skin for make-up and maintains a feeling of freshness throughout the day. Also, the product fights redness, making the skin as even and smooth as possible.

Price: 2940 rub.

Facial gel, L’Occitane

In hot weather, we recommend using light textures instead of cream. For example, L’Occitane has a mineral water gel from the Réotier spring and a texture of thousands of micro bubbles that instantly refreshes and provides comfort. After the first use, the skin looks rested and radiant.

Price: 3500 rub.

Facial mist, Hydra Life, Dior

It is best to use cooling mist and sprays throughout the day. Our favorite is from the Hydra Life line, Dior with active ingredients to deeply moisturize the skin and restore radiance.

Price: 2990 rub.

For eyes

Total Eye Revitalizer Eye Cream, Aquasource, Biotherm

Line A Cooling Eye Creamquasource, Biotherm is not only pleasant to apply, but also useful for care: it removes puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, fights against the signs of photoaging. Moreover, the tool is suitable not only for women, but also for men.

Price: 2760 rub.

Patches for eyes Agave Cooling, Petitfee

Any patches, if stored in the refrigerator, have a cooling effect. But in Agave Cooling, Petitfee is an agave extract that keeps you cold longer when in contact with the skin! Also in the composition – blueberry extract and caffeine, which in the complex have lymphatic drainage, tonic, softening and rejuvenating properties.

Price: 1235 rub.

For body

Universal gel Instant Refreshing Gel, Elemis

A gel with cooling camphor and menthol and soothing extracts of arnica, birch and witch hazel works in several ways at once. It can be applied to any area of ​​the body to relieve muscle tension, to the feet to relieve pain after a long walk, to the back of the neck and temples to relieve headaches and freshen up.

Price: 3900 rub.

Aloe vera gel with mint body gel, LIGNE ST. BARTH

Aloe vera gel with the aroma of two varieties of mint is good for its versatility. In a small amount, the product is suitable for daily care – it moisturizes and nourishes, and in a larger dose it can be used after shaving or sun exposure – it will restore even very sensitive skin plus create a pleasant cooling effect.

Price: 3460 rub.

Sculpting body scrub Cool & Firm, OK Beauty

This natural oil scrub is a godsend for the summer! It cools the skin and gently exfoliates, and as a bonus – shapes the figure. Successfully selected ingredients are responsible for all this – magnesium sulfate, macadamia, almond, shea oils, vitamin E. An additional plus is a woody-oriental aroma with notes of plum, mandarin, clove, patchouli, vanilla and vetiver.

Price: 830 rub.

For legs

Foot cream Leg Lifts, Origins

Menthol, cypress, peppermint and cedar in this foot cream cool and relieve fatigue, cause a pleasant tingling sensation and provide incredible lightness. What you need after a hard day!

Price: 2200 rub.

Foot cream Candy Mint, Deep Steep

Manufacturers describe Deep Steep Shea Butter and Peppermint Cream as healing. It should be applied to the feet and ankles after a long walk, the effect will be instant – no fatigue, only freshness and comfort.

Price: 820 rub.