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Hairdresser-stylist Evgeny Shatokhin told why it is better to refrain from salt sprays, not to apply oil to your hair before going to the beach, and why a mask with hydrolyzed keratin is required.

Evgeny Shatokhin

Evgeny Shatokhin


– The main task when leaving in the summer is not to dry out! Under the influence of UV and high temperature, the hair loses moisture faster – it becomes more porous and unruly. The ends begin to split and break off. I’ll tell you about simple rules on how to avoid this.

Rule # 1: Don’t Overuse Salt Sprays

Salt sprays have become very popular a few years ago. They are often used for wet hair and beachy curls. Alas, they are not at all harmless as they might seem at first glance. Getting on the surface of the hair, the salt lifts the scales, destroying the hair shaft and overdrying it. After styling with such products, you must necessarily wash your hair with a mild sulfate-free shampoo, and then close the scales with a balm to “calm down” the cuticle.

Rule # 2: use oils with care

I know that many people apply oils before going to the beach, thinking that this is how they protect their hair. This is not entirely true! The oil heats up in direct sunlight. It is unsafe for the hair shaft. You can easily damage it in this way. Some oils are generally recommended not to be used by trichologists. For example, coconut – it does not moisturize, but, on the contrary, dries the hair. For protection, special sprays have long been invented. And if you don’t have one at hand, apply a regular balm. Safe and effective!

Rule # 3: collect your hair

Better yet, wear hats! Under the influence of UV rays, the pigment is actively washed out from under the scales – the hair “burns out”. It is, of course, beautiful. But it is very traumatic for them. If you like loose hair, do not forget at least about SPF products that protect against harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Rule # 4: Use Hydrolyzed Keratin Masks

Hydrolyzed keratin fills in the empty spaces between the scales. Hair becomes denser! In the summer, masks with him in the composition are especially relevant. They allow you to neutralize the consequences of being in direct sunlight. I recommend applying these masks overnight on dry hair twice a week.

Rule # 5: Drink Vitamin D

This vitamin should be a must-have on your beauty shelf. Its lack is one of the non-obvious reasons for hair loss. In our climate, it is prescribed even in the summer, but here, as always, it is worth taking tests and consulting a doctor. To maintain health and beauty in a dosage of up to 2000 units.

Rule # 6: Drink Water

I won’t discover America here. Moisturizing starts from the inside out! In the summer, we actively lose moisture, which means that its level needs to be replenished regularly. I recommend adding vitamin C or lemon juice to the water. It normalizes iron metabolism and strengthens the vascular walls.

Rule # 7: Don’t Forget Deep Cleaning

Deep cleansing of the hair and scalp should be done every week, regardless of the season. In summer, this procedure is especially relevant. To cleanse the scalp and hair from heavy metal salts, excess sebum, dust, do a scrub on a regular basis. Use a deep cleansing shampoo once a month.