29 August 2021

In honor of its 60th anniversary, Diptique is releasing two new perfumes and three home fragrances (including candles) at the end of August, dedicated to the cities that inspire the founders of the company: Kyoto, Venice, Milies, Paris and Jebeil. Artists and perfumers from Greece, Japan, Lebanon, Italy and France worked on the Grand Tour collection. For example, Olivia Giacobetti’s Paris fragrance will smell like Parisian cobblestones, the Seine River with willows, antique shops and polished wood. While we are waiting for new items, we remember candles from other brands, which are also associated with travel and favorite cities. After a pandemic – what is not a way to plunge into pleasant memories.

All the aromas of the Moscow brand Zepto Candles remind us of travel. The smells of New York, London, Prague were enclosed in glass glasses. For example, the orange Corfiot Dreaming is a reference to the island of Corfu, where orange trees grow on the hills, the sea breeze blows and conifers bask in the sun. Try it if you want to extend the summer.

Price: 1 980 rub.

The DS & Durga brand devotes many fragrances to its native New York. Here here talked about candles with the smell of wet concrete after a shower in a big city.

New York. Together than ever is another flavor of the city, different, contradictory, noisy, which is only recovering from the pandemic. It was written by Phillip Lim and Executive Creative Director of Tiffany & Co. Ruba Abu Nima. Candle with notes of apple, Chinese cedar, linden, oak and honeysuckle.

The brand is represented in Russia, but this particular one – limited – must be ordered from the official website.

Price: about 5 510 rubles.

This candle is dedicated to the Atlantic coast of France, a region located between Bordeaux and La Rochelle. The scent of the sea, pines, immortelle and acacias.

You can buy it at the Golden Apple.

Price: 7 640 rub.

Photo / Genics + Co is a Californian brand of home perfumes, roller perfume and candles. All with local vibe and matching flavors. For example, No.2 smells like sandalwood, musk, cannabis, bergamot, and also sea and ivy.

In Russia Photo / Genics + Co is represented in the Rive Gauche network.

Price: 5 550 rub.

All Aqua di Parma candles are a reference to Italy. But Bergamotto di calabria smells differently: bergamot, orange, oranges with Capri and figs with Amalfi. And around all this – only the sea.

Price: 4 740 rub.

And once again about the Mediterranean for those who are very bored. The creators of the candle compare its scent to the scent of an orange garden somewhere in Seville. Let’s not argue – luxurious notes of orange flowers and juicy greenery.

Price: 5 400 rub.

And this Le Labo candle was dedicated to the secular island of St. Barth in the Caribbean. It smells not of American money, but of salty waves, geraniums and amber. And we like this combination!

Price: 5 400 rub.

One of the most famous fragrances, Jo Malone, is good in the form of cologne, body cream and candle. Restrained, not bright, but expressive. A candle like this is great to burn in your bedroom or living room if you hate rich aromas for your home. And it smells either Atlantic or Baltic – everyone has their own associations, but we feel sea salt, sage, wood and grapefruit.

Price: 4 850 rub.