Erborian Bamboo Matte Blur


Meet Beauty Excellence in Oily Shine – Erborian’s Bamboo Matte. For those who love 100% matte, like from the cover.

What the manufacturer promises

The ultra-matte finish instantly removes the oily sheen, but does not dry out, but moisturizes the skin. The main active ingredient in the composition is Korean white lily extract, which provides a blur effect.

How it works

The product is suitable for owners of oily and combination skin prone to shine in the T-zone. It is especially true in spring, summer and early autumn, when there is an increased secretion of the sebaceous glands.

In winter, it will perfectly replace the make-up base, “extending” its life.

Bamboo Matte has a short shelf life. After opening the package, the product can be stored for no more than 6 months.

The cream fits well, does not clog pores and enhances the skin’s barrier functions, helping to retain moisture. After application, there is no feeling of tightness – the skin is even and smooth.

If there are no visible problems on the face, you can completely do without foundation. The product masks minor imperfections and irregularities very well.

Erborian has several products in the Matte line. And they all garner plaudits and rave reviews on social media.

But, for example, Bamboo Matte has a minus – the tone contains dimethicone, which is poorly washed off with water. Moreover, its concentration is quite high. It is better not to use the tool every day. Yes, and you need to cleanse the skin especially carefully after it.

Beautyhack by BeautyHack

If desired, the product can be used while styling the eyebrows. How? Just apply it to the hairs after the pencil and comb through. Fixes and preserves pigment throughout the day.