Eye cream


We take such great care of our face and so often forget about caring for the skin around our eyes. But the choice of cream for this zone is no less important. Among the huge variety of options, choosing the right squad is the number one task. How to do it and not miscalculate, we are dealing with an expert – cosmetologist-aesthetist of the Aging Control clinic Taisiya Petrova.

Taisiya Petrova

Taisiya Petrova

cosmetologist-esthetician of the clinic of aesthetic medicine Aging Control

– The skin around the eyes is significantly different from the skin on the face as a whole – it is thinner, more sensitive, there are no subcutaneous fat and pores. Eye cream should be selected depending on the needs or tasks that you need to solve: for example, reduce dark circles or puffiness, smooth out wrinkles. The main thing is that the product should have a pleasant and light texture, not create an oily sheen. It is best, of course, to choose care after consulting a beautician, or always read the composition, understanding the ingredients.

What ingredients should be in the composition

– If you have dark circles under the eyes, the cream should contain lightening ingredients (for example, retinol, vitamin C), – Taisiya Petrova continues. – For fine expression lines that appear due to dehydration of the skin or sunburn, pay attention to products with muscle relaxant peptides such as argileline. This component has a botulinum-like property with all the ensuing advantages. If you suffer from puffiness under the eyes, choose creams with a light texture and in no case overdo it with the amount of funds, especially in evening care.

Use before or after basic facials

We, in the editorial office of BeautyHack.ru, communicating with various cosmetologists and dermatologists, heard different ways of using the product for the skin around the eyes. Some experts say that the cream under the eyes should be applied exclusively after the face cream, while others claim that before. Taisiya Petrova agrees with the second option.

– Means for the skin around the eyes should be used before the face cream for one reason – the latter should not get into the area around the eyes. Otherwise, two different compounds can react, neutralizing each other’s action or even causing allergies, says Taisiya.

Four rules for applying a product to the skin around the eyes

Also, the beautician told how to apply the cream to the area around the eyes:

1) It is better to apply the cream under the eyes with the ring finger, so it is possible to avoid strong pressure and, thereby, prevent swelling.

2) You need to move from the inner corner of the eye to the outer, and then from the outer corner to the inner. Repeat 3-5 times.

3) Apply the cream closer to the bone, and not to the ciliary edge.

4) And regularity is important. Only if you use the product in the morning and in the evening, you will notice the result.