Five instant treatments for face and body


When there is no time for the course of procedures, an important event is planned in the evening, a date, or in two days you have a wedding. Or maybe you just want to please yourself with an express result – the editorial staff of has collected five face and body procedures with an instant effect.

Soin Hydreclat. Hydration and radiance

The Soin Hydreclat treatment is suitable for those who want a noticeable hydration and radiance effect on the skin immediately after the procedure.

The procedure begins with a delicate skin cleansing with Biologique Recherche milk, which is matched to the skin condition. Then P50 lotion is applied, which evens out the pH level of the skin surface, moisturizes and improves the quality of the surface layers of the epidermis. An additional effect of even tone and radiance is added by the L’Eauxygenante spray, which refreshes the face.

The next step is to apply the Masque Vivant mask. The active ingredients of the mask – extracts of brewer’s yeast, cucumber, witch hazel and lactic acid, cleanse and tighten pores, tone and moisturize the skin. Alginate mask Cold Mask, created on the basis of kelp algae, soothes the epidermis, relieves redness and provides drainage. An additional massage with cryostics, which is carried out on the mask, enhances the soothing and cooling effect. Next, the skin is filled with Serum Oligo-Proteines Marines, eye cream and face cream, which are selected individually. The final step is the application of Fluide VIP O2, which minimizes the appearance of pores and smoothes the skin surface.

Lyudmila Kulchitskaya, cosmetologist at the Le Colon Beauty Institute, skin mentor at Biologique Recherche: “During the Soin Hydreclat procedure, we work on the face, décolleté and shoulders. Thus, this treatment from Biologique Recherche is an indispensable step in the skin regeneration program. After the first procedure, a lifting effect and skin radiance are noticeable: the oval of the face is corrected, fine wrinkles are leveled, puffiness disappears, dark circles under the eyes disappear. The procedure is suitable for absolutely everyone, if there are no serious systemic diseases. ”

Price: 5800 rub.

“Booster VIP O2” Biologique Recherche

The basis of the procedure is the VIP O2 booster of the French brand Biologique Recherche. First, the skin is cleansed with Biologique Recherche milk, which is matched to the skin condition, using a special Biologique Recherche massage glove. Then a special lotion is applied to the face, which is selected individually. The next step is to use a booster in combination with a special massage technique. The treatment is completed with a VIP O2 serum, mask and cream for the face and skin around the eyes.

Elena Zhuravleva, cosmetologist at the Le Colon Beauty Institute, skin mentor at Biologique Recherche: “The booster, like all VIP O2 products, contains a patented oxygenating complex that saturates cells with oxygen, as well as a film-forming polysaccharide, dandelion fructans and Chlorella sorokiniana microalgae. These active ingredients protect the skin from pollution and have a stimulating effect. After the Booster VIP O2 procedure, the skin looks radiant and healthy, the skin relief is smoothed, the pores are narrowed and the complexion is improved. “

Price: 8900 rubles.

Soin Sebo Reequilibrant, a sebum-regulating treatment for acne-prone skin

This Biologique Recherche treatment is a must in the acne treatment program to improve the quality of oily, combination skin. The effect is noticeable immediately after the first procedure.

The treatment begins with delicate cleansing of the skin, followed by the application of the Lotion MC 110 n1 booster, an active component of the procedure that tones, improves skin microcirculation and evens out the epidermis relief. Moisturizing the skin is provided by lactic acid, which is part of the booster, smoothing of wrinkles and small creases – antioxidant vitamin PP, and smoothness and purity – extracts of plankton and burdock. The effect of Lotion MC 110 n1 is similar to the effect of fruit acids, but without the risk of burns or irritation.

Then the Masque Vivant mask is applied and the final stage is a face cream that is selected according to the condition of the skin. Next, the skin is filled with an eye cream and a “closing” fluid serum, which are selected individually, and a lip balm.

Elena Zhuravleva, cosmetologist at the Le Colon Beauty Institute, skin mentor at Biologique Recherche: “The improvement of the skin condition is noticeable immediately after the procedure – the production of sebum is reduced, the inflammatory reactions of acne are reduced, the pores are narrowed and the relief and skin tone are leveled.”

Price: 7800 rub.

Body Lift Corps

Effective body care allows you to adjust volumes and improve skin tone before an important event, as well as to maintain skin tone during and after pregnancy.

After cleansing, the specialist applies the Lift Corps lifting composition, which evens out the skin microrelief, fights stretch marks and the appearance of cellulite. Applying a pinch massage using the Jacquet Leroy technique to apply the lifting composition, the specialist goes through all problem areas one by one, following the direction of the muscles.

After removing excess product and cleansing the skin, firming and moisturizing agents are applied. Serum Matriciel Biologique Recherche strengthens the epidermis (due to elderberry flower extract, biomimetic peptides, glycoproteins derived from Antarctic microorganisms and the active tetrapeptide component), deeply moisturizes and smoothes the skin (Siberian ginseng root, hyaluronic acid, NMF extract, reconstituted shells ).

To enhance the moisturizing effect and the protective barrier of the skin, at the end of the procedure, apply Emulsion Originelle Regeneratrice Corps Biologique Recherche body cream, which is applied with upward massaging movements. The product is absorbed into the skin, forming a protective lipid film on it and at the same time moisturizing it.

Valeria Nasonova, body specialist at the Le Colon Beauty Institute, skin mentor at Biologique Recherche: “During the Lift Corps procedure, we effectively work the entire body, paying special attention to problem areas. Thanks to an integrated approach that combines deep skin cleansing and massage using the Lift Corps Biologique Recherche lifting complex, the result is noticeable after the first session. Patients notice a decrease in edema and volume, a lifting effect, and lightness in the legs. The procedure is suitable for absolutely everyone (including pregnant women), if there are no serious systemic diseases. ”

Price: 10 100 rubles.

Endosphere therapy

During the procedure, the specialist uses a cylindrical handpiece that contains 50 rotating silicone spheres. By combining different parameters (speed of rotation of the cylinder, frequency, direction of rotation of the spheres), the specialist can change the intensity of exposure and carry out the procedure, taking into account the individual needs of each patient. The parameters and the weight of the handpiece itself (1850 g) create pressure (compression), and vibration stimulates special mechanoreceptors that lead to the breakdown of fat cells and fibrous fibers. More about Endosphere-therapy we told here

Valeria Nasonova, body specialist at the Le Colon Beauty Institute, skin mentor at Biologique Recherche: Thanks to its mild effect, the device effectively stimulates blood vessels in case of varicose veins or capillary mesh (“stars”), and works well with fresh stretch marks (heating of the skin during treatment stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, thereby smoothing the skin relief and “smoothing” stretch marks) … The effect is noticeable after the first procedure: there is a significant decrease in edema, toxins are eliminated, fatigue and heaviness of the legs go away, the general tone of the body improves. After several procedures, the volume of subcutaneous adipose tissue is reduced, so that there is a noticeable reduction in the volume in problem areas and a significant improvement in the quality of the skin. “

Price: 6500 rubles (75 minutes)