29 August 2021

Now a new beauty trend is gaining popularity in TikTok – “lash bath”. Videos appear on the network of girls washing their eyelashes, rubbing cleansing foam into them. We got worried and decided to immediately ask a professional what this procedure is and why it is being done.

Varvara Kotova

Varvara Kotova

director for product and training of the chain of salons “Palchiki”

Where did this trend come from?

In fact, the need to wash your eyelashes has always existed. Now, most likely, they started talking about it due to the fact that many brands have released special foams and gels for cleansing eyelashes, which are called “lash bath”. And the trend went to TikTok – there, with the help of viral videos, such products are easiest to promote.

Do any eyelashes or extensions offer washing? How do these foams differ from conventional make-up removers?

The lash bath trend concerns exactly extended eyelashes. Some people believe that after extension, you cannot wet your eyelashes at all, let alone wash them. It is a myth. In fact, more often than not, it is not recommended to wet your eyelashes 48 hours after the procedure, and then you can calmly wash your face. New foams and gels are just for these cases.

If it’s a worthwhile procedure, what’s the right way to do it?

Avoid rubbing or directing a stream of water onto your eyelashes. For washing, it is really best to use special cleansing foams – they have an antibacterial effect. If you do makeup daily, wash your eyelashes every day, without makeup – 2-3 times a week.

What effect should you expect from a lash bath?

Regular care of extended eyelashes helps to gently clean not only the eyelashes themselves from dirt and dust particles, but also the follicles and sebaceous glands. This ensures active growth of eyelashes and prevents inflammation and possible eye diseases.