29 August 2021

It seems that just yesterday Samantha Jones celebrated her anniversary and her famous friends from “Sex and the City” raised a toast to the next 50. And today Kim Cattrall, who played the role of the liberated owner of a PR agency in the series, is celebrating her 65th birthday. But, like her spectacular heroine, she looks much younger.

BeautyHack studied the interview of the actress, reviewed all six seasons for the hundredth time (just give us a reason!) And came to the conclusion: Kim is not so different from her on-screen character. In any case, they have the same beauty secrets.

Botox and chemical peels

“I don’t believe in marriage. Botox, in my opinion, is much more useful, ”instructed Samantha Kerry. Apparently, this sounded so convincing that Cattrall herself repeatedly resorted to injections of the drug. She does not hesitate to admit this, saying that she also uses fillers, but she is not yet ripe for plastic surgery.

The episode, in which Jones wanted to be fresh, but turned out skinned, will surely be remembered by all fans of the series. Then, to hide the effects of chemical peeling, the heroine came to the premiere of Bradshaw’s book in a hat with a veil. Like a beekeeper.

Kim, however, did not talk about what she did the procedure. But I mentioned more than once that it deeply cleanses the skin, triggering regeneration.

Beauty products

After an unsuccessful exfoliation, Samantha used a revitalizing cream Eight Hour by Elizabeth Arden with softening ingredients and vitamin E. The name, by the way, was invented by the founder of the brand – she applied the substance to the scratched knee of her child, and after 8 hours the wound healed noticeably. The product became a bestseller, so after almost 17 years it is still being released. The cost is 2500 rubles. Cattrall has seen this cream in her purse more than once.

Another beauty hack that the star adopted from her heroine is constant moisturizing of the face with the help of mineral water spray Evian… The product helps to restore the moisture balance of the skin, fix or refresh makeup, remove excess powder. The actress regularly takes him with her to the shooting. The cost is only 204 rubles.

For the body, a sexy PR woman uses toning oil Clarins Huile Tonic Body Treatment Oil (2283 rubles). It consists of 100% plant extracts: rosemary, geranium, mint and hazelnut oils. Prevents the appearance of stretch marks, increases firmness and elasticity. The formula for this beauty product has remained unchanged since 1965.

Kim is also in love with natural oils, and after a shower she prefers to apply orange for tone or lavender for relaxation.

Cleansing and moisturizing is generally the main rule of both blondes. Sam preferred Dior: on her shelf you can see Lotion Purete and Nutri-Star Moisturizing Cream… True, both products have already been discontinued, but there are many replacements in the brand’s lineup.For example, foam lotion Hydra Life Lotion To Foam with white tea extract (cost – 2025 rubles). Or a nourishing moisturizer Hydra Life Sorbet Creme (3450 rubles).

Kim has long been in love with the American brand Olay.

“I have light English skin, on which, unfortunately, you can see everything: wrinkles, irritations, fatigue. To look healthier and fresher, I tan. But, of course, carefully, not forgetting about SPF. I also regularly use scrubs, cleansing toners and moisturizers. For the eye area – some, for the T-zone – others. And after all these steps I apply Olay Total Effects 7 in 1… My skin looks younger! ”Says Cattrall. You can buy it for 2500 rubles.


Remember how Sam decided to take a nude photo? In order to look perfect in the pictures, she gave up fast food for a long time. And then I went to a raw food restaurant: though not out of love for cold asparagus, but for the sake of a hot waiter.

Cattrall jokes that he has been dieting since 1976. The star adheres to a diet developed by dermatologist Nicholas Perricone. The products that it contains remove free radicals from the body, break down fats and have a rejuvenating effect. It improves the condition of the skin and helps to smooth out wrinkles. The actress’s daily menu includes salmon, salmon or cod, vegetable salads with olive oil and lemon juice. And be sure to 2 liters of water a day.


Yoga, gym, wrestling – basically, Samantha did all this in order to support her friends. And more often – to find a nice gentleman. But who cares what the motive is. The main thing is the effect on the face! And on the rest of the body (thanks to the frank scenes, thanks to them we learned that even in her sixties Miss Jones looked amazing).

The actress is more responsible. Her personal trainer has developed a series of exercises that she does 2-3 times a week. The complex includes warm-up, stretching and aerobic exercise. Also, the star loves swimming.

SPA procedures

Samantha loves to relax in the sauna, and then drop by the masseur. Kim doesn’t mind a relaxing session either. True, he assures that he does not bother specialists at such moments – he does not want to leave them without work, as in the series. But seriously, the star often needs to work out pinched nerves and “wooden” muscles. After hours of filming, she sometimes goes to the SPA for the whole day. And she says that after the hammam and massage she looks rejuvenated and rested.


“How many partners did you have?”

“I think! This year?”.

This sacramental phrase has become the hallmark of Miss Jones. Depression, worries about parting or unsuccessful deals – all this Samantha “treated” with sex. And, judging by the fact that she was the most optimistic of the four, there is logic in this. By the way, scientists also adhere to the rule “instead of stress – good sex” (details can be found here).

Well, Kim Cattrall is similar to her heroine in this. She was married three times, dated a guy 24 years younger than her. And she published the book “Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm.” As the saying goes, happy girls are the prettiest girls.