Glitter eye makeup is the main trend this fall: see ideas from celebrity makeup artists


Shiny textures are trending this fall! Even the eyeshadows on the eyelids should seem to shimmer, creating a radiant effect. A similar make-up has already been shown by makeup artist George Monroe in Halle Berry’s photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly. George used a golden brown eyeshadow for Holly that matched perfectly with her dark skin. Moreover, he used a golden hue on the inner corners of the eye and over the dark one on the movable eyelid, leading a wide arrow to the temples.

We found a few more ideas on how to create a similar makeup with a shine effect from makeup artist Pat McGrath.

Nedvano Pat showed how to apply her new MothershipIX: Huetopian Dream Eye Palette with glittering textures.

The first option (complicated with arrows):

First, McGrath suggests applying eye shadow in peach-burgundy shades to the movable eyelid, darkening the area under the eyebrows. That is, it turns out that from the line of growth of the eyelashes to the eyebrows, the color should be darker and brighter.

Then the makeup artist applies Biliz Sextreme pigment with a thin brush to the crease of the eyelid, bringing the line to the temples. After that, she draws an arrow along the eyelash growth line in the same color, connecting its end with the first arrow.

The final touch is the application of a translucent shiny shade to the center of the eyelid. Pat chooses Astral Venusian Orchid.

Black mascara and false eyelashes complete the eye makeup.

Second option (simple):

Another makeup with shiny pigment, but in a simpler design. Pat McGrath draws well the space between the eyelashes with a black liner, and applies shadows to the entire eyelid. The main thing is that the lighter tone is in the inner corners of the eyes, and the dark one is closer to the temples and on the crease of the eyelid.