Hailey Bieber showed how she does her signature beach curls


Hailey Bieber occasionally records YouTube videos for subscribers. In another vlog, the model showed how she makes her signature beach curls. It takes her no more than five minutes to do this, and the result is no worse than that of the stylist in the salon.

For the perfect beach curls, Hailey uses the Dyson Corrale straightener from hairdresser Jen Atkin. But first, she washes her hair and dries her hair with a hairdryer, after applying the Volume Spray, Ouai’s, to the roots.

In the photo: Dyson Corrale straightener, 39,990 rubles, Volume Spray, Ouai’s, $ 28 (Sephora)

Then the model applies a texturizing spray to the strands, distributes them in parts and begins to wind the curls, changing the angle of the straightener. Hailey then uses the texturizing spray again and fluffs up the hair with her fingers to create a casual effect.

At the end, the model sprays dry shampoo onto the hair roots, and then fixes the styling with hairspray.