29 August 2021

Many girls give up bangs simply because they will have to be styled every day. There are really many nuances here: it is important what kind of hair you have, what kind of bangs you want and how the master will ultimately cut it. But if you’ve made up your mind, here are 7 remedies that hair stylists use.

Lika Glazkova

Lika Glazkova

hair stylist, make-up artist, creator of the Air in the hair combs brand

The problem with bangs is most often that they “fall apart” into strands and do not stay in bulk (especially on thin, not very thick hair). It is not so difficult to cope with this, but the condition must be met: it is important that the bangs are properly trimmed. It is not easy, but if your master tries, there will be a minimum of difficulties with it.

In order for the bangs to keep their shape, first of all, the hair needs to be thickened. I love using texturizing sprays like Balloon dry volume spray or R + Co’s new Bleu spray. The bangs immediately become dense and do not crumble. Plus, during the day you can easily change its shape, if the length and haircut allows it, the styling will remain.

On dense hair, I want a detailed “drawing” of the bangs, add a “strand effect” to it so that it does not lie like a solid monolith. In this case, the spray for root volume and texture Zig Zag or Trophy (light, gives hold, shine and minimum density) will work.

I fix everything with Outer Space varnish – mobility will remain, but density will appear. The varnish is quite dry and has a fine spray, it can be layered.

Anastasia Kanyshkina

Anastasia Kanyshkina

art director of the hairdressing salon Bublik

To cut or not cut the bangs? It all depends on what kind of hair you have and what expectations from the future bangs. If you have fluffy hair and want straight, straight bangs, skip this idea. In this case, you can cut the bangs of a lighter shape, the so-called “curtains”.

If the girl has very thin, smooth hair without root volume, you can experiment. But do not forget that if the hair is very thin, it is important that the bangs do not take up the entire volume of the hairstyle. Thickness of the hair should remain in the lateral zones.

For styling bangs, it is better not to use smoothing agents – this will immediately add greasiness to the hair in the root zone. It is better to start styling with strands near the face, immediately pulling them out – thereby we form volume and achieve smoothness. And you need to dry the bangs with hot air, at strong power, in the direction in which it is trimmed. Then you can fix it with the Soft Texture by Osis +. Such dry products provide fixation and at the same time retain the effect of slight negligence. A good alternative to varnishes.

Renata Ramazanova

Renata Ramazanova

stylist of the Keep Looking salon chain

For styling bangs and hair in general, I use fairly light products. For example, Rated Green’s Real Shea Revitalizing Thermal Protection Cream. Apply to washed, damp strands and blow dry.

Another product is Eliokap Filler Serum, a light fluid based on hyaluronic acid. It moisturizes well and does not weigh down.

In general, feel free to use curlers, a Dyson styler, a hairdryer, brushing and, in the end, a light fixation varnish.