29 August 2021

The correct beauty routine is the key to high-quality and healthy skin. But what if your favorite cream does not cope with age-related changes, and proper nutrition and exercise are not enough to restore the skin of the abdomen?

The chief physician of the direction of preventive medicine, cosmetologist, dermatovenerologist of the GEN87 clinic, Natalia N. Raevskaya, spoke about RF-lifting on the Infini device, which gives instant results and tightening in one procedure.

The procedure on the Infini apparatus is a needle RF-lifting. For the procedure, disposable sterile tips with 49 gold-plated microneedles are used, the tips of which are protected by silicone, due to which burns or overheating are impossible. The “puncture” of the skin itself is almost not felt, because the needles are super thin. In one procedure, 3 passes are made at 3 levels: superficial, medium and deep. Thanks to this procedure, the collagen matrix is ​​completely restored, and the skin becomes smooth and elastic.

How the device works

Infini RF lifting is performed using bipolar lifting technology. The working area of ​​the device is similar to printing, only instead of inks – needles. 49 gold-plated ultra-fine microneedles act on the dermis and create coagulation points, this stimulates skin renewal and the production of new collagen.

Thanks to innovative technologies, the depth of the needle lifting effect on the Infini apparatus reaches 3.5 mm.

As a result, you get a pronounced lifting, elastic skin, as well as significant smoothing of wrinkles without injections and surgical intervention. Already after the first procedure, GEN87 patients notice a feeling of skin tightness, which builds up within 1-2 months.

What zones can you work on

Infini allows you to work with both the body and the face, even in the orbital region, which is a rarity among similar techniques. We have the ability to choose and control the depth of exposure, thanks to which the procedure is completely safe, does not entail blood loss, allergies and does not allow tissue infection.

How many procedures need to be done

On the face, it is recommended to do a course of 3 procedures with an interval of 1 time per month. On the body, most often, 6 procedures are prescribed 1 time per month. Although, the specialist always determines the number of procedures depending on the problem and the zone.

What procedures can be combined with

We often combine needle RF with plasma lifting. First, we work with the patient on the device, and then we do plasma lifting. Thanks to this, the effect of the procedure is enhanced, and the skin regenerates faster. You can also do biorevitalization 2-3 weeks before Infini. This prepares the skin and moisturizes it for more RF exposure.

Who is the procedure indicated for and who is not allowed to do it?

We most often turn to such a procedure in our clinic if there is a decrease in tone, there are wrinkles, you want to improve your complexion, shrink pores or work with atrophic scars, with post-acne scars, raise the upper eyelid, and also work with stretched abdominal skin after childbirth, or with stretch marks. Of course, there are a number of contraindications for physiotherapeutic radiofrequency exposure. These include oncological diseases, chronic processes in the stage of exacerbation, temperature, any acute diseases during this period, as well as the presence of large metal structures in the body.