29 August 2021

“The most popular and main symptoms of seasonal allergies are runny nose, itchy nose, sneezing, conjunctivitis (accompanied by discomfort, redness of the eyes, and purulent discharge). All of the above can be combined in one word – hay fever (hay fever). Also, edema of mucous membranes, cough, exacerbation of bronchial asthma and other obstructive pulmonary diseases are not excluded, “explains the cosmetologist, author of the Telegram channel” Your personal cosmetologist “and the founder of the online store of professional cosmetics mybeauty.moscow Julia Pärn.

The allergy season begins in the spring and ends in the fall, as the pollen allergen, which can cause these symptoms, appears during the flowering of trees and is present during the flowering of weeds, grasses and other grasses. There is also cross-allergy during seasonal exacerbations – a reaction to certain food groups.

Any chronic allergic diseases at the time of exacerbation always affect the condition of the skin. In addition to dermatitis, a person may begin to be bothered by dry skin, itching without external manifestations and exacerbation of spider veins (rosacea) – they become more pronounced.

Julia told about how to properly care for the skin during an exacerbation in the material Beautyhack.ru

Julia Parn

Julia Parn


Why does the skin react with peeling and rashes to allergies?

The skin is a physiological barrier, the cells of which react with immune responses in response to irritants (allergens).

The cells of the immune system have receptors that are sensitive to substances responsible for the external manifestations of skin reactions. During the reaction, other substances are produced that attract other immune cells – they cause inflammation in the skin and the appearance of redness and itching.

If allergic urticaria appears, then it requires immediate medical attention.

Should I change my skin care system during allergies to keep things from getting worse?

It would be most correct to recommend that patients contact an allergist-immunologist in a timely manner and take a course of ASIT (allergen-specific immunotherapy). It gives tremendous results up to alleviating the course of the disease, reducing the risks of bronchial asthma and the disappearance of all symptoms.

At the time of an exacerbation of allergies, it is necessary to abandon all cosmetic professional procedures (peels, contour correction, cleanings, etc.).

Home care should have basic products that you use all the time. Do not experiment with new treatments during this period. Factors such as nutrition and stress go hand in hand with skin conditions and allergies, so of course stress should be avoided and a hypoallergenic diet should be followed.

How to care for your face during an exacerbation of allergies, if there is peeling and redness?

If peeling and dryness appear on the skin of the face or body (and this is what causes itching), here are the main tips:

  • Do not use scrubs, rolls, products with acids. Your main task is not to exfoliate, but to restore the skin barrier and water-lipid balance.
  • Eliminate the use of makeup for this period.
  • Use mild cleansers that are free of harmful surfactants, parabens, fragrances, artificial colors and preservatives. Such treatments are, for example, in professional American cosmetics Dermalogica. I recommend gentle cleansing gels that are suitable for even the most sensitive skin with a compromised skin barrier and for those with rosacea.
  • If the skin is peeling, but the sensitivity is normal, then after cleansing, you must use moisturizing toners or toners.
  • If the skin is flaky and at the same time sensitive, then it is necessary to stop using tonics or toners until the skin barrier is restored – the water base of these products will irritate even more. To moisturize and restore the skin barrier, use serums, concentrates or essences to soothe skin, reduce redness, burning and irritation, and moisturize.
  • Next, be sure to apply a cream that will restore the water-lipid balance. Any professional and most pharmaceutical cosmetics can handle this. The main thing is that the description indicates that the agent restores the water-lipid balance.
  • Masks can only be used by those who have not increased skin sensitivity. Choose nourishing products over moisturizers.

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How to take care of your body during allergies?

For the body, it is necessary to use creams with emollients (cosmetics that combine emollient, moisturizing, regenerating and antioxidant components), as well as vitamins A, E, oils, and minerals from the Dead Sea. From brands I can recommend Emolium (sold in a pharmacy).

If redness appears on the skin (and not just dryness and peeling), this is the first call in order to come for a consultation with an allergist or dermatologist, who will prescribe medications for external and internal therapy.

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What to do if the skin on your hands is cracked?

In such severe cases, when there is damage to the skin, it is necessary:

  • do all household chores only with gloves (no talcum powder);
  • wear gloves in windy and cool weather;
  • seek advice from a dermatologist;
  • apply medicinal creams containing emollients, derivatives of vitamin A, urea, linoleic and linolenic acids.