29 August 2021


Complex work: how to tighten the skin and reduce the volume in 14 days

BeautyHack.ru knows that nutrition and sports do not always help in the struggle for an elastic and toned body.

However, a revolution is coming in the scientific world. The French brand Sisley presented a new product developed in collaboration with the University of Paris – corrective body care Le Sculpteur

We talked with an expert of the brand about how the emulsion works and what kind of beauty revolution we should expect, and Margarita Lieva, mother of three children, model and founder of the BeautyHack.ru project, talked about her beauty routine and how the emulsion Le Sculpteur by Sisley lifts skin and reduces volume in 14 days.

In the role of Michelangelo: why the sculptor Sisley is called the beauty revolution and how he will help to sculpt the perfect figure in just two weeks

Personal experience of Margarita Lieva: how Le Sculpteur from Sisley tightens the skin and reduces volumes in 14 days

Sport five times a week, manual massage and sauna: beauty routine by Margarita Lieva

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