29 August 2021

Yulia Savicheva spent the first wave of lockdown last year with her family, her two-year-old daughter Anna (read about the singer’s quarantine routine here). Now Julia’s touring schedule has resumed, and she has shared with BeautyHack.ru that helps her always look good during flights and trips.

Yulia Savicheva

Yulia Savicheva


– With the pandemic, my travel schedule has certainly changed. There are tours, but they are not as frequent as before. The nearest plans include a trip to St. Petersburg for the White Nights festival and two concerts in Turkey. As for personal travel, it is generally impossible for tourists to get to Portugal, where our parents and daughter Anya are now. Entry is only available to citizens of this country, or those who have a residence permit. But we are already engaged in paperwork to obtain a residence permit.

What is always in a cosmetic bag when traveling

I always have skin care products in my cosmetic bag when I travel: wash gel ZO Skin Health, Zein Obagi; face serum Advanced Night Repair, Estee Lauder (I like it with texture and effective effect); day and night creams Ampoule Cream, Mizon Placenta; eye patches Red Wine, Esthetic House with red wine extract (I’ve tried many patches, but these are the best: refresh, remove puffiness and dark circles) and eye cream.

For hair care, I always take shampoo and hair mask Simone DSD de Luxe, which were specially selected for me by a trichologist. The shampoo thoroughly cleanses the scalp, adds volume from the roots, after which the hair becomes light, but at the same time thick. I also always take with me an express conditioner for easy combing, thermal protection and oil for the ends of the hair.

How to look good after flights

1) At any move drink more water… If you are on the road and just woke up, drink warm water.

2) Very good help to bring the face into shape eye patches and beauty gadgets… I have a compact device that I can take with me on trips – Marutaka le… If you see puffiness on your face, traces of fatigue, dehydration of the skin, then this device will easily help get rid of all this with the help of special complexes of serums and microcurrents. Do the procedure for 10 minutes, then apply the emulsion and cream.

3) If you see that the procedure has not cheered you up to the end, then it will help to hide irregularities and fatigue concealers, CC and BB creams… I often use them on the eyes and wings of the nose, and tidy up my eyebrows – that’s enough to make me look fresh.

Photo by Yulia Savicheva: Damir Zhukenov