Products that create the effect of salon care, perfect styling at home: Diana Pegas’ beauty routine


Diana Pegas (@dianapegas) – TV presenter, journalist, founder of the Dobro Vmesh charitable foundation, spoke about her favorite beauty products and salon procedures.

Care products

By type – my skin is normal, but given that I often have to wear thick makeup because of filming – I struggle with the feeling of dryness from time to time. Moisturizing favorites – Valmont Moisturizing With A Mask (RUB 15550) and patches for the skin around the eyes Valmont Intensive Care Eye Mask (19840 rub.)… The mask gorgeously moisturizes the skin of the face, creating the effect of a full-fledged many hours of salon care, patches are an ambulance for the effect of a fresh and healthy look, they very well help to quickly remove swelling.

Tonics, vibes, serums and other masks – I don’t even see the point of listing, tk. there are a huge number of them. I often change skin care lines, trying something new, isolating the best for my skin. I love South-East Asia cosmetics very much. They have quality moisturizing masks, patches and creams. Favorites: Belov Collagen Crystal Facial Mask (RUB 330) – very high quality nourishes the skin. Collagen patches for the skin around the eyes “Belov Collagen Crystal Eyelid Patch” (RUB 550) – I always use them on an airplane during a long flight. Pacare Bessie Le Skin Bird’s Nest Water Drop (1688 rub.) – my favorite cream, which I always use during my stay in hot countries, but it is very difficult to buy it, because it is in great demand, so I usually buy it in huge quantities. And in general, it has already become a tradition that a suitcase full of cosmetics flies from the countries of Southeast Asia.

For makeup I use Mac Complete Comfort Creme (3400 rub.) – it has a very light texture and at the same time it is guaranteed to create high-quality hydration when applied makeup. It also fits perfectly with the decorative cosmetics of the same brand – make-up perfectly fits on it.

Decorative cosmetics

With decorative cosmetics, I finished my experiments, because I use the one that has been tested over the years. MAC Face and Body Foundation (RUB 3700) – a foundation that fits my skin perfectly: lightweight and comfortable. The line has a huge number of shades, interfering with which, you can easily achieve the required ideal tone. MAC Strobe Cream (3400 rub.) – a cream with a radiance effect, which I often add to the Mac Complete Comfort Creme moisturizing face cream for a glowing effect on the skin. As a highlighter in makeup – 2 favorites: creamy Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector (RUB 1899) and MAC Mineralize skinfinish (RUB 2900)… To accentuate the cheekbones and lightly contouring I use MAC Bronzing Powder (2700 rub.)… Perfect Shooter – Benefit Roller Liner (2300 rub.)… Eyebrow Gel – Benefit Gimme Brow N3 (2720 rub.)… I don’t paint my lips with lipstick, I only use pencils, because with the use of two or three shades in shading – the effect of a moderately voluminous and beautiful lips is ensured. Favorite pencils: Bobbi Brown Bobbi (2750 rub.) for contour, Vivienne Sabo Jolies Levres N102 and N103 (225 rub.) for shading from dark to light. Fix on top with Tint Becca Fig.

Salon treatments for face and body

I went to the Bellefontaine clinic for a long time. At that time there was no such level of aesthetic medicine salons in Moscow. Considering the location, the most beautiful renovation with antique pieces of furniture and decor, the history of the mansion in which the clinic is located, and the level of specialists – it was impossible not to fall in love with this place. There I underwent a full course of electrolysis, which is incredibly happy to this day, I learned how to take care of the skin of my face, thanks to the proposed cares and products. A few years later, my doctors moved to work at the Nathaniel Aesthetic Medicine Center – I moved with them. To this day, I only go to my doctor for facial treatments. In courses I do biorevitalization, change preparations with different contents of vitamins and microelements depending on the condition of the skin, sometimes I do hardware procedures to stimulate collagen production. But all without fanaticism. As a rule, once every six months I do the procedures as a course, then I follow the sensations of comfort / dryness, if necessary, if the need arises, I come earlier than the appointed time.

Hair care

I have good hair quality by nature, the type is normal, but considering that once a year I bleach to raise several tones and achieve a perfectly cool shade, I have to pay special attention to the care products. For a huge number of years, I have been using mainly two care lines: Oway Rebuilding and Davines Oi – these are professional products of Italian brands that have managed to establish themselves not only in the world market, but also prove by the quality of the product that it is difficult to find a replacement for them. Shampoos, masks, oils, serums, ampoules – I alternate at home. Sometimes on a weekly basis, sometimes on a monthly basis – I monitor the quality of the hair and their reaction. In salon conditions, I always do the same treatment. Oway infrared reconstruction is truly the best treatment I have ever done. Shiny, well-groomed hair is proof of that.

At home, I can do my own styling better than in any salon. Of course, this requires the appropriate gadgets. Favorite Hair Dryer – Dyson (RUB 35,990)… I dry the head with the hair down (for the effect of volume), after which I make the root volume with the Ceramic corrugation tongs (RUB 2900), finish styling by pulling the ends with a Golden Curl iron (16200 rub.)