29 August 2021

In the summer, most of us prefer a minimum of makeup. Tint your eyes, lighten your eyebrows, and give your skin a well-deserved rest from foundation and powder. The priority now is for other products – sunscreen, thermal water, mosquito spray (you want to laugh or not, but we are preparing a separate selection) and, of course, lip balms with SPF. We dedicate this material to the latter.

Dermatocosmetologist Viktoria Britko explains that lip protection should be given no less attention than face protection: “The thing is that they have practically no melanin, so they are especially vulnerable.” If you ignore the protection, the lips will become dry and micro cracks will appear. Be sure to apply special balms and lipsticks before going out in the sun. Look at the composition – look among the ingredients for vitamins A, E, F, herbal extracts and aloe juice.

It is best not to use regular sunscreens – they are not designed to care for the more delicate skin of the lips. In addition, many creams contain ingredients that should not be eaten. Please note that the SPF protection level was at least 15.

Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm SPF 15

The classic Carmex lip balm has many fans – the product nourishes, moisturizes and smoothes the skin, therefore it is suitable as a base for lip makeup. The balm contains an SPF filter, thanks to which it protects against the negative effects of solar radiation. And the balm is presented in several formats and with different flavors – you can choose your favorite one or try several at once – the cost allows.

Price: 345 rub.

Blistex Lip Balm SPF 15

Another way to protect your lips from the sun. The balm contains no harmful components, and its action is aimed at moisturizing, nourishing and restoring the skin. The active ingredients accelerate the regeneration process, eliminate dryness and flaking, and the SPF filter makes the balm an indispensable helper in the summer. In the wide range of Blistex balms you will definitely find the same one.

Price: 199 rub.

Lip balm Lip Balm SPF 15, Bobbi Brown

Comfortable and non-greasy, this lip balm with wheat germ and olive oil will quickly restore the feeling of comfort to the lips and protect them from negative environmental factors. The only drawback is that the packaging is not hygienic; it is extremely problematic to use the balm especially nowadays. Therefore, keep your hands clean at all times.

Price: 2 400 rub.

Lip stick Bariesun SPF30, Uriage

This dense textured balm includes beeswax, shea butter, wheat germ oil and, of course, an SPF 30 filter. It nourishes the lips, moisturizes them and protects them from dehydration caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. The balm has a pleasant aroma, and on the lips it is absolutely invisible – it is convenient to apply the product under your favorite lipstick. Also, this lip stick is waterproof, so it will come in handy on the beach.

Price: 428 rub.

Moisturizing lip balm Shea SPF30, L’Occitane

This is a summer variation of the classic L’Occitane balm with shea butter. The product copes well with dry lips, in especially severe cases, it can be applied at night. Ideally, it’s great to use all year round: if applied to lips and then blotted with a tissue, you get the perfect base for your lipstick.

Price: 690 rub.

Lip balm with shade SPF30, Kiehl’s

The product is available in three shades: nude, pink and berry. And it is one of the best alternatives to lipstick and lip gloss in summer. The balm contains coconut and lemon oils – together they nourish the lips. At the same time, the balm smells like chocolate candy (you just want to eat it) and is very pleasant: not too sticky, moderately moisturizing and gives a very natural effect of kissed lips.

Price: 1 650 rub.

Sunscreen lip balm Global Suncare UV Lip Color Splash, Shiseido

The balm is transparent, does not leave a sticky film and is comfortable to use. SPF30 is an impressive bonus from Shiseido.

Price: 1 050 rub.