29 August 2021

The emphasis on eyes in makeup is a new reality in the last two years. In connection with the pandemic and wearing protective masks, it simply could not be otherwise. And we have already talked about Bardot Eyes with shading to the hairline, which was invented by the British make-up artist Alexandra Claire (see photo here). Now another trend is gaining popularity – colored arrows on the contrary, when lines are drawn in the inner corners of the eyes. We first saw such a make-up in the advertising campaign of Zara Beauty, and recently it was repeated by the main trendsetter of Hollywood – model Gigi Hadid.

By the way, Gigi manages to lead a crowd of fashionistas. In the spring, she first dyed her hair red (inspired by the TV series “Queen’s Move”), and then other stars and bloggers began to paint in this shade (read about this link).

On Instagram, we have already found several examples of arrows in the inner corners of the eyes. Moreover, in different versions – in a bright neon shade with feathering (like Hadid’s), thin colored lines, wide arrows with feathering. In general, no prohibitions!

Another interesting option that is suitable for a special occasion or for a selfie on Instagram is decorating the inner corners of the eyes with rhinestones or beads (this was invented by the American make-up artist Marika D’Auteuil).