Thermal water, melanin activating agents and other ways to prolong and consolidate your tan


Tanning has only one drawback: it rinses off quickly. How to prolong his life? Follow simple tips.


The pigment melanin is localized in the upper layer of the skin, which is frequently renewed. Exfoliating, dead cells “take away” with them the tan, which you so want to preserve. There is only one option – to prolong its existence. And this can be done by moisturizing. The scheme is as follows: drinking regimen + moisturizer three times a day + thermal water during the day.

Special means

In the line of almost every brand there are products designed to prolong tanning. The principle of their action is simple: they promote the production of melanin, a high molecular weight pigment produced by melanocytes. In addition, these products include components that promote hydration and moisture retention in the skin.


There are a number of products that can prolong the “summer” on your skin. They help the production of melatonin, keeping the skin of a coffee-chocolate color for a long time. These include carrots, eggs, sweet potatoes, spinach, salmon, tomatoes, pumpkin.